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Once the oceans greatest hero, Mermaid Man is now semi-retired. He is a very senile old man often going ballistic when someone mentions the word "evil". He also seems to have short term memory loss and will often forget who he is talking to, why he started doing something, or how he got somewhere. Further evidence is when he told Spongbob to "Stay on the path of evil" only to have his sidekick Barnacle Boy correct him and say "It's 'Stay away from the path of evil!' ", causing him to respond "What is evil?" He owns an invisible boat-mobile which is completely invisible inside and out, as such anyone who rides in it will appear to be floating. His secret base is called the Merma-lair and is filled with dangerous weapons and equipment such as the "Orb of Confusion" an orb that when turned on gives great confusion and makes you say "dwa dua dooy" . His cave also contains the powerful Manray frozen so he can't escape. That is until SpongeBob tried to turn Manray into a hero. He also seems to be a parody of Aquaman with a mixture of the 1960's Batman, in that he fights crime under water and also uses gadgets and most of his fight scenes include words like POW, ZAP, and ZOW.

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