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In year 359, Merlin played on two sides. When Gideon, the Dragon Slayer lost his fight against Zara, the Queen of Bones, Gideon sought Merlin's help. Merlin told him to find Black Knight, Lancelot Du Lac. After finding the location of Lancelot, who was living with Guinevere, he told Zara that the next Witchblade wielder will be Guinevere, Zara sent her lackey, a Darkness wielder to kidnap her. After that battle, Lancelot came to see Merlin and pleaded for his help. Merlin told that only way to stop Zara is by the power of Gargoyle, and for this Lancelot has to relinquish his mortal soul. Lancelot agreed the terms and was transformed to Butcher Knight. When Lancelot killed Zara, Merlin took the Witchblade. He moved Guinevere to Notre Dame, and told Lancelot that his magic could cure her, but it would scar her soul. Merlin still bearing a grudge for Lancelot turned him into a unmoving stone statue, who was aware of the world.

Thousands of years pass and Merlin has taken a new name Barnabus London. He visits one art-show, artist is named Luther Washington. Suddenly he's attacked by a witch named Daria. Both of them have ties in hell and the battle is even. To win Merlin summons some demon-ants, Daria calls out the Butcher Knight. Merlin is surprised that Lancelot has some control over his demonic form and can even talk, what should be impossible. Police arrives, and Merlin uses the chance to summon his demon familiars. Daria attention to him weakens and he uses the chance to escape, he turns to eagle and flies away. He then plans to take the battle to Daria. Merlin gathers some power from his followers sacrifice, and teleports to Daria's hideout. He confronts Lancelot, who transforms himself to Butcher Knight, Merlin tries to petrify him again, but the spell didn't work. He then transforms himself to the form he was born to Devil. The battle is fierce, but Merlin loses, Lancelot rips out his heart and Merlin dies. Lancelot then devours Merlin's heart and releases himself from the curse.

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