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First comic book appearance: Le Journal de Mickey #488 (1961) 

Kingdom Hearts

When he made his first entrance he arrived shortly after Sora and his friends entered his empty old looking house. With his magic he changed the room from old and dusty into very homey looking Sora

came to see him to deliver a the book that Cid repaired for Merlin. Merlin explained that king mickey requested him to instruct sora in the art of magic.

Kingdom Hearts II

He appeared again as a member of the restoration comittee of hollow bastion in KH 2 merlin was pleased to hear that Sora agreed to help Leon and the group help repair the town. When Maleficent tried to take over Disney castle he helped Sora by creating a door way that sent Sora, Donald, and Goofy Merlin warned them that they will sent to a special world where its nature will tempt them to do something dark and they must resist temptation at all costs. little did Sora know that sent them to the past where everything had the 1928 scenery of black and white After the crisis was over Merlin was proud of sora for his success. Later on when hollow Bastion was under the invasion of Heartless sent by the MCP Merlin used his magic to create a MCP deletion program for Sora and Tron to use as a trump-card to defeat the MCP for good. 


Shape-Shifting - Merlin was able to contend with Mad Madam Mim in their wizard duel, Merlin usually being on the more defensive side. 
Minor Spells - Throughout "Sword in the Stone" Merlin does minor spells for example like one to make the dishes wash themselves, and to come "alive."

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