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Meredith appears in issue 11 of the Drawn & Quarterly comic book series, Optic Nerve.


Meredith was created by Adrian Tomine.

Character Evolution

Meredith is completely taken with Alice

Meredith is in a relationship with Alice Kim. She does not get along very well with Ben Tanaka, as she does not agree with a lot of his views on women and his attitudes towards interracial relationships, which Meredith finds hypocritical. He tells Alice and Meredith that he is deeply suspicious of white men who have a preference for Asian women. Meredith questions this, asking Ben to look at the situation from both points of view. This leads to a heated drunken debate with Ben, during which it becomes clear that the two are beginning to dislike each other. It is also later implied that he resents Meredith a little for taking up so much of Alice's time, especially when Alice eventually moves away to be with her.

Major Story Arcs

Meredith is part of the Optic Nerve story arc Shortcomings.

Powers And Abilities

Meredith is a human character with no special powers or abilities.

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