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Season 1

She first appeared in "The Fix" revealed as Claire Bennet's biological mother with Pyrokinesis. Claire soon visits her in her trailor park in Kermit, Texas. There Claire reveals her powers to Meredith and Meredith reveals her powers to her. Meredith then calls Claire's biological father, revealing that he is Nathan Petrelli. Meredith lies to Claire saying her father wants nothing to do with her, and she takes $100,000 from Nathan as money to keep her quite about this possible scandel. She then offers Claire half the money and then tells her she is moving to Mexico.

It is later revealed that in 1992 the Company tried to bag and tag Meredith from her home in Kermit but when they got to her house Meredith explodes. They found her daughter, Claire, and persumed Meredith to have died in the fire.

Season 3

Meredith reappears in "The Butterfly Effect". She is hired by Noah Bennett to protect Claire & his family. Later, Claire asks Meredith to teach her how to fight. So Meredith takes Claire and tells her she needs to learn how defend herself before she can learn to fight. Claire thinks this is silly considering how her power is all about protecting herself. Meredith then bring Claire to an empty shipping container and turns her flame on. This starts to raise the heat in the container while sucking the oxygen away. Claire begins to start suffocating. Meredith shows Claire that she is weak and forces her to reveal her real motives in learn to fight. To gain revenge on Sylar.

When Claire disappears Sandra, Claires mother, suspect it is one of the Level 5 escapees and looks through their files. Meredith reconizes one being Eric Doyle. She says she will go find this man. Sandra want to help her daughter too, but Meredith tells her she is no use without a power. Later, Meredith is captured by Eric Doyle who can control peoples actions like puppets. It is revealed how Doyle use to force Meredith with his power into a relationship. Meredith states how he is disgusting and he almost force he to kill herself. Eventually, Claire(who was not after Doyle) & Sandra go to save Meredith for she has not return home. Doyle forces all three women into a demented game of Russian Roulette. Sandra is eventually is forced to shoot Claire who(unknown to Doyle) heals and knocks Doyle out from behind. Noah then take Doyle and offers Meredith a job as an agent in the Company. Meredith accepts this offer.

In "Villians" it is revealed that the villian, Flint, is Merediths younger brother and that they share the same ability. In the past they robbed a convience store and Thompson captured Meredith, but Flint escaped. Thompson offers Meredith a job in the Company. She attempt to compromise that if she works for him he will leave her brother alone. He refuses, but she accept the offer anyway. On her first assignment she is instructed not to use her powers. She does which make Thompson question her loyalty. Later, they are on an assignment to capture he brother. Meredith goes against the company and helps her brother escape. Thompson tases Meredith which in turn makes Flin believe she is dead. When she wakes up Thompson threatens to kill her but ultimatly lets her goe when it is revealed that she believes her daughter is dead.


At the showdown at the Company, Meredith is stabbed with adreniline by Sylar. This makes her lose control of her power making her shoot bursts of flames setting the builing on fire. Sylar then locks Noah in a cell with her telling him that the only way to save himself would be to shoot her. Claire eventually comes saves them, but Meredith refuses to go. Claire won't leave her but Noah says that she is going to explode. Claire says goodbye and that she loves her. The building explodes on top of Meredith and leads to her presumed death.

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