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Here lies the respect thread for one of my very favorite characters evar, Mercy Sparx of Devil's Due Publishing. She's a "devling" (a devilgirl from Sheol, a land between Hell and Earth) who has been sent to earth to do hunt down rogue angels using specialized equipment. While her goals, bosses, and enemies change over time, she's a spunky chick who gets the job done.

This respect thread contains scans from Mercy Sparx: Heaven's Dirty Work #1 - TPB, Hack/Slash & Mercy Sparx: A Slice of Hell, and Mercy Sparx vol. 2, #1-#6.


Mercy is immensely strong as a result of her infernal nature.


1. Mercy lifts and easily tosses whatever that thing is (a radiator or heater or something).

2. Mercy rips a parking meter out of the ground and tosses it like a javelin.

3. Mercy knocks a guy out cold by throwing a flask at him.

4. Dents a concrete wall with a guy's head.

5. Lifts a motorcycle and beats a slasher to death with it.


Mercy also possesses inhuman speed, able to dodge bullets and more.


1. Uses her tail deflects a crossbow bolt after it's fired.

2. Catches Vlad's machete out of the air and tosses it back at his feet.

3. Dodges gunfire from Cassie Hack.

4. Dodges automatic weapons fire from an angel.

5. Showing off her agility.


As a similar result of her demonic physiology, Mercy Sparx is immensely durable, and is also fireproof.


1. Mercy gets hit by a truck. This is on purpose, not an accident -- it was driven into her.

2. The aftermath of that damage. Mercy gets up and walks away from it.

3. Mentions her healing factor. This is after she is beaten senseless with her own halo knuckles and sold off as a sex slave -- she heals so quickly she makes them beat her again so that no customers will want her.

4. Gets her face shoved through a brick wall without a scratch.

5. Is fireproof.

Combat/Tail Skill

Mercy is also a skilled self-taught combatant, frequently using her prehensile tail as an extra limb to get an edge in combat.


1. Mercy uses her tail (and a stool) to one-shot Vlad. He is next seen several pages later, still on the floor.

2. Using her tail to strangle her opponent and then corkscrew them away. She calls this move the "Funky Tornado."

3. Tail is prehensile. Here, she uses it to hold and utilize three knives simultaneously.

4. Uses her tail to bind her opponent's ankles, making them lose balance.

5. (Repeat) Showcasing her agility in combat.

6. (Repeat) Uses her tail to deflect a crossbow bolt.



1. Her Hellfire Zippo.

2. The Hellfire Zippo again. A rogue angel claims that she's heard of it before, and seems afraid of it.

3. Stated that it creates Hellfire, not just normal fire.

4. The "Jaws of Death."

5. Glue Gun.

6. Metal knuckles, forged from melted down halos and stamped with the word "ASS." Mercy draws on their residual energy to amplify the power of her strikes.

7. Pentagram throwing stars.



1. Shows herself to be quite patient, sets a remote-controlled net trap. It works, though the person it catches doesn't end up being her target.

2. Has one of her horns removed and a trigger put inside of it. She plants a remotely-triggered bottle of unholy water in the organization she's infiltrating -- when the time comes for her to make a run for it, she activates the bomb and blows everything to absolute s***.

But, perhaps most importantly....

She knows Sin City by heart.

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good, about time she had one

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Bump for a huge update.

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@joygirl: cool,hate to be the guy facing her *wipes sweat from forehead*

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@joygirl thanks for compiling this, love Mercy Sparx

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@joygirl: Ever thought about doing a respect thread for Cassie Hack?

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@creeper113: I probably could, with all the comics I have... but I'm mad at Cassie Hack, so probably wouldn't consider it worth investing the time.

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@joygirl: What did Cassie do? I would make it myself but I only have the 1st two volumes and the AoD cross over.

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@creeper113: The AoD crossover ruined the ending for me. Ditching Georgia and the baby was too much for me to deal with.

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@joygirl: It was clear at that point that evil was going to follow Cassie where ever she went, as long as they were with her they were in danger. More importantly it was a plot device to get her back on the road, like the start of ever season of Supernatural. monster hunters don't get to settle into a normal life, they just get enough of a taste of it to realize what they are missing before having the rug ripped out from under them. I'm just happy the writers didn't kill them instead.

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@creeper113: I fully understand why they did it. I just didn't like it. I was fine with the series being over and liked the way it was wrapped up. Throwing that ending away seemed very wasteful to me.

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@joygirl: touche. They could have easily squeezed the cross-over in between previous arcs.

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