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What are the limits of her powers?? Any scan of her greatest feats??

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@Veitha: Like all Atlanteans, Mera is adapted to surviving under the sea. So like all Atlanteans, she is super strong, durable, and fast. Additionally, they are highly resistant to low temperatures and can see in the dark and have enhanced hearing.

However Mera tends to forgo physical attacks for her water based powers.

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Don't forget her version of waterbending and her ability to look good wearing green.

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Pre-New 52 I'm not sure, but New 52 she held back most a tidal wave that would've otherwise killed everyone in Gotham. She can also remove the water from a person's cells and vital organs, killing them

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THank you all for the help! When has she removed the water from someone's body? I mean, in what issue?

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@Veitha: Aquaman #6 
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I will see if I can find the feat from Brightest Day where she creates a tidal wave. However, huge scale water manipulation like that seems to tire her out and it's not at all casual.

She can sense the bodies under the water
Controlling the water in Gotham
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Mera is one of the most trained warriors of the seas and considered one of the greatest powerhouses in DC Universe. Her capability when manipulating water and creating constructs out of them are unparalleled, and not even Aquaman could match up to her ability to do so.

Here are scans of the capability Mera possesses from creating hard-water constructs:

Here are scans of Mera taking on quite a few of Black Manta's forces with the help of Aquaman:

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@Veitha: Aquaman #6

That's pretty epic.

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@Veitha: @IfDCRuledTheWorld: @KnightRise: @Veitha: @Jonny_Anonymous: @YourNeighborhoodComicGeek:

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Also using her hydrokinesis, she is said to be almost as strong as Wonder Woman...jus saying.

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