Mera and the Mermaids – Rusalki

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Here it is, the final installment in this series and as derived from the Amanda Adams book.  In the book the author has taken a fairly biased approach to mermaids and by saving her favourite for last, the bias shows here as well.  For her the Rusalki represents the wild untamed woman, whereas in their more traditional Slavic lore they do represent this in parts, but then also represent something more like the Medieval idea of the mermaid – the fishwoman that will grow enchanted with men only to lead them away to their deaths.  How this relates to Mera, comics most famous mermaid?  As with a few of the recent entries - not really.  Mera was always depicted as a character that was very much interested in the well-being of the men around her, first venturing to this world at the behest of her father, and once here giving way to Aquaman’s rule of the seas.  Equally so, in his absence she has not been care free but has instead taken on his role as leader of the underwater kingdoms.  I can understand how the idea of a care free mermaid that dances and signs through the night can be appealing to certain women as a source of their own independence and free natured spirit, but sort of in the same way that associating with any other fictional character serves as an outlet for another desire.  As such I suppose by the end of the book that I am aware that Mrs. Adams would not find much in common with Mera, even when she is one of my favourite characters. 

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