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Delya Castil is Mentalla, a native of Titan where all of its inhabitants have mental abilities.


Mentalla created by Paul Levitz and Steve Lightle

Character Evolution

Bronze Age

Mentalla (Bronze Age)

When Saturn Girl had to take a leave of absence from the Legion Of Super-Heroes to birth and raise her child, the team began to actively recruit new members. Mentalla became an applicant and was able to make it to the qualifying round. The Legion decided to induct Tellus, a telepathic and telekinetic alien whom they found to be a much more capable teammate, and decided Mentalla's powers would be too similar and unnecessary. Mentalla was referred to the Legion Academy, where she became a student, to hone her abilities.

Major Story Arcs

The Death of Mentalla

Mentalla grew resentful about being rejected from the Legion of Super-Heroes and felt that she deserved to be a member. Inspired by the story of how Bouncing Boy became a member of the Legion, Mentalla decided to infiltrate the Fatal Five when the Emerald Empress was looking for new recruits in the hopes to show the Legion of Super-Heroes that she was capable enough to defeat a power super-villain. Emerald Empress learned that Mentalla intended to betray the Fatal Five and showed no mercy, killing her. In her dying moments, Mentalla was able to use her telepathic abilities to stop Emerald Empress long enough for the Legion of Super-Heroes to defeat the Fatal Five. Mentalla was considered to have died as a hero.

Powers and Abilities


Mentalla has the ability of telepathy, just like every other citizen of Titan. Mentalla's power was less about reading minds and more about temporary possession of one's mind.


She could control someone's thoughts and activities if they were surprised by the attack. Someone with a strong will could rebuke her mental command.

Other Versions

Other Media

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