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Code Name Gravedigger: 
Ulysses Hazard, Gravedigger, is being driven to the English Channel by a clerk who claims he doesn't believe in fighting. Hazard is on his way to Gravesend, England, to meet the injured Major Birch, commander of Operation: Gravedigger. The jeep comes under attack from a German Stuka. The men bail out as the jeep explodes and Hazard takes a bullet in the arm, but he shoots down the plane with his Thompson submachine gun. He passes out and remembers his days recovering from polio, when local gang members taunted him and broke his crutches. He comes to to find the clerk suffering from a leg injury. 
They walk to the next town looking for help when they come under fire from a sniper. Hazard spots him and hands his Thompson to the clerk for cover. When the time comes to shoot, the clerk hesitates. 
The scene shifts to Gravesend, where a German spy is perfecting his Major Birch disguise. He bursts in on Birch, a gun is pulled and fired. 
Hazard finds the sniper and kills him with a knife. He returns to the clerk and finds him shaking where he left him. The kid, whose name is Boston, explains himself. He was a kid walking with his parents when a mugger shot both his parents during a robbery. Ever since, he's suffered from nightmares and the sound of gunfire. Hazard hears a jeep approach. He kills the Germans riding in it and he and Boston are within sight of a medical unit when a shell lands near them, flipping the jeep. 
Hazard wakes to the sound of an approaching tank. It rolls over him without flattening him and Hazard jams a grenade into its tracks, crippling it. The Nazis attack the field hospital. Hazard, unable to convince a surgeon there to stop an operation, rounds up and evacuates the walking wounded. He attacks a tank with his Thompson and fires until he runs out of ammo. At the moment he does, he looks up to see Boston has organized the walking wounded and is leading them in defending the hospital. He tosses Hazard a grenade, which Hazard drops in the tank, destroying it. Hazard faints from fatigue and his injuries. 
In the epilogue, Hazard visits Boston in the hospital. Boston claims he can't hear Hazard's apology, his ears are still shattered. He then corrects Hazard when he calls Boston a clerk, and claims his folks would be proud. Hazard is amused that the kid heard every word he said.







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