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There’s nothing a true Golden Age fan likes more than finding some “new” character or strip that they’d never seen before. If that fans’ particular area of interest is costumed super-types, this 91st issue on AC’s long-running vintage reprint anthology MEN OF MYSTERY is absolutely NOT to be missed!! We’ve searched through every hidden corner of the Golden Age to find the most obscure, most esoteric and most down-right WEIRD superhero concepts ever to make it into print in the 1940′s!! This book has alien heroes (MARTAN the MARVEL MAN and his girl-partner were from the planet Alterran, SUB-ZERO was another off-worlder); android heroes( The WHITE STREAK is an artificial human); lawyer-heroes (The MOUTHPIECE- need we say more?), heroes-by-proxy (Professor SUPERMINDand SON- you’ll just have to see it to believe it) ;a guy that turns into a red, flaming rock (FEARLESS FLINT); a babe who dresses up as an old hag to fight crime (SPIDER WIDOW); and we don’t even have room to get into trying to explain PHANTASMO, The FLYING FIST and BINGO, BRONZE MAN, GHOST of FLANDERS, ZERO- GHOST DETECTIVE, HOODED WASP, TABU, PHANTOM FALCON, and a half-dozen others who will be on display in MOM #91.20 great vintage stories in all. Some of these concepts were pretty creative, and you might wonder why they never found a major audience. Others will just make you say “WHAT were they THINKING?!”- but all will be interesting. And, for those who are NOT fans of the obscure, we’ve got a couple of well-crafted adventures starring Quality Comics’ first-line stars DOLLMAN and cover feature HERCULES. Artists include H.G. Peter, John Daly, Augie Froelich, John Spranger, Fred Guardineer, Frank Borth, Elmer Stoner, William Kent, Ralph Carlson, Alex Blum, Carl Burgos, Jack Binder, George Brenner and others; with a cover by Lou Fine. It’s over 148 pages of full-story reprints of the WEIRDEST superheroes of the 1940′s, in crisp black and white with full color covers. Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched. released in 2013.

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