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A special all-star issue!! It starts Airboy, one of the most successful and longest-running characters to come out of the Golden Age of comics, featured in one of the youthful aviators most-requested (and scariest) adventures: "Airboy and the Rats!!" This tale is rendered by one of comicdom's unsung masters, Ernie Schroeder. Then, it's not one but two adventures of Quality Comics' green-clad, sassy and sophisticated female adventuress, Lady Luck; bothe rendered by Klaus Nordling. Fisrt, LL takes on a beautiful but deadly lady executioner called Miss Powerhouse; and in the second, sabotage on a dam leads to circumstances that have the social register believing that Brenda Banks ( Lady Luck's civilian identity ) has been killed. The, it's special feature star, The Green Lama!! The 'Lama may not have been a long-lived strip (tho' he did inspire both a pulp magazine and a radio show in the late 1940's) this issue's GL offering, "An American Story" sports top-flight art by Mac Raboy, considered by experts to be among the ten best aertists to come out of the comic book world of the 1940's- and this story features cameo appearances by Raboy himself, and hos actual Spark publications editor of the day, Joseph Greene. Then, there's the masked crimefighter known as... Zippo!! What can you say about this Hillman Pubs., yellow-costumed adventurer who fights atop hydraulic footwheels, except that this strip appears to be drawn by Arturo Cazeneuve. Finally, a humorous Jack Cole gem, an adventure with Plastic Man's pal, Woozy Winks!!







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