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Another Quality Comics- themed issue, with all stories reprinted from that storied stable of comic characters from the 1940's and '50's. Unheralded Quality artistic great John Spranger is highlighted, with TWO stories in addition to the cover illustration: Dollman faces his arch-foe The Undertaker on a cross-counrty train ride; (as originally seen in Feature Comics) then Manhunter takes on the master mechanic of lawlessness, Jawbone, from Police Comics #60. U.S. government master spy, Pete Trask- better known as T-Man, solves the case of "The Elephant Who Loved Flowers"- a tale from his own magazine, drawn by H. G. Hargis; and the glamorous Torchy has an adventure in babysitting, courtesy of artist Bill Ward. But wait- there's more!! As a special bonus, we're running an adventure of The Black Condor, drawn by the artist most associated with "quality"- be it the publishing company or the descriptive adjective- the great Lou Fine!! The 'Condor fights electrically-charged kite-men, straight from Smash Comics #6. Plus- last issue, we started a feature-length adventure of Australia's Cat-Man, with a promise to run the concluding chapter this month. Well, too much great Quality stuff went into this ish, so there was no room to run the whole finish to Cat-Man!! So- this issue sprts o two- page teaser, with the end of the story (we promise!!) in Men of Mystery #52!!







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