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Another top-flight mix of rare, full-story reprints from the Golden Age of comics this issue, starting out with cover feature Minute Man. In addition to comics, Minute Man's publisher (Fawcett) produced a variety of products that featured their characters- including a series of Dime Action Books- small, illustrated storybooks in a format not too dissimilar from Whitman Pubs hugely -successful Big Little books. The Minute Man Dime Action adventure, "Mystery of the Spy Ring", with art by the Harry "A" Chesler studio, was among Fawcett's best. Here in MOM, we've taken the Dime Action illustrated book approach, and reformatted the illustrations into comic book panels, layed out horizontally, to tell the story in a manner closer to the standard comic book approach. Minute Man's Fawcett Comics stablemate Bulletman appears this issue, as well- but instead of usual partner Bulletgirl, here he goes into action with a flying canine cohort, in "Bulletdog Takes Over". Then, the distaff side of adventuring is represented by Jim Monney and Bob Turner's Wildfire, as she cleans out a castle haunted by thugs in a story straight out of Quality Comic's Smash #33. Next, the one and ONLY appearance of artist Bob Powell's futuristic, flying female, the one and only Atoma!! Fiction House joins the fray, with a well-illustrated (and untitled) Captain Wings tale. Plus- as a special feature, and action-packed effort starring the Original Blue Beetle- "Last Chance", with art by Ted Galindo and Ray Osrin.







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