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Ned Creegan was originally just a small-time jewel thief, until he broke into the lab of a rogue scientist named Dr. Logan and was accidentally subjected to an experimental "purple light ray". The ray made Creegan's skin transparent so that only his skeleton was visible and granted him radiation-based energy powers. Dr.Logan gave Creegan pills that would allow him to transform into this super-powered state whenever he wanted, but warned him that for every second he remained in that state, he would lose a day of his life. Deciding that it would be worth it, Creegan dubbed himself "Bag O'Bones" and sacrificed several years of his life for one big heist, but was ultimately defeated by Batman and Robin and was sentenced to prison.  
Creegan returned several years later working for the 100 organization as the Cyclotronic Man. He attempted to eliminate both Black Lightning and Superman, but was once again defeated. 
While in prison, a crooked warden refused to give Creegan the radiation treatment that his body required, inadvertantly causing his radioactive abilities to mutate. With more power than ever before, Creegan became the "One-Man Meltdown." As Meltdown, Creegan had a violent run-in with the Outsiders, until it was revealed that he was actually looking for a cure to his condition and was willing to reform. The Outsiders managed to get Creegan the treatments he needed and so he went back to prison, content to serve out his time.     

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