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The lab is in chaos following the power surge in the test. Kitty’s classmates are shocked by the mishap, scrambling to solve the problem with no success. One student tries to call for help, but the test program is priming up to fire lasers. They project onto a crystal at the center of the equipment, and a beam of light rips through the roof of Bessemer Station and continues into space. The light from the beam can be seen throughout the city, and Shan, riding the bus, realizes that it’s coming from Kitty’s lab. Elsewhere, Tom, the Purity student who hacked the Physics computer system, also sees the beam. His girlfriend Alice and fellow Purity member Jeff, who caused the system overload, are each reacting to what they’ve done – Jeff is freaking out while Alice couldn’t be prouder.

At the Station, Prof. Benes calls for a status report. One student, Pauline, is badly injured, a virus has corrupted the system, and Kitty informs him that the only solution is to shut down the system by hand. He starts to instruct his students to leave via a getaway tunnel while he shuts the system down, but Kitty punches him out. She explains to her classmates that she knows the system as well as him and stands a better chance of surviving the situation. She tells them to shut down the circuit breakers outside the lab, and her fellow students reluctantly leave her. Once they’re gone, Kitty phases through the floor of the lab, down to a large metal pipe marked ‘Natural Gas’. The minute she recognizes it, a fiery explosion bursts through the lab floor. The space underneath is demolished, but Kitty’s phased state saved her. She needs to breathe, though, and the heat starts to get to her. She reaches the main circuits, and pries them apart, preventing any more electrical explosions from happening.

Kitty begins to make her way through the getaway tunnel, reflecting on her past as a superhero. Rescue workers spot her from a manhole opening in the street above, and amazingly it’s Shan and Tom! She gathers from them that there has been no sign of her fellow classmates so far, and the three of them set out to discover the missing students.

As they make their way through the tunnel, Shan explains to Kitty that Tom used to be a volunteer firefighter and has basic life-saving skills. They soon come upon Kitty’s classmates, who are more than a little freaked, having been lost in the dark. Most of them are too weak to even move a step further, but Kitty gives Shan a look. Shan uses her possession abilities to get the entire class up and moving, and the whole crowd begins running out of the tunnel. Just as they near the exit, the structure starts to collapse around them. Strangely, though, it stops just above their heads, the rubble seemingly frozen in mid-air. Shola is at the tunnel exit, using his powers to keep them safe. Just as Kitty heads over to thank him, Tom grabs her, warning her that “it” is a mutant, and too dangerous to get near.

Kitty gets pretty riled, especially when Tom says that Shola could very well be the thing that caused the disaster. Creatures like Shola aren’t human, he says, they’re monsters. Thoroughly disgusted, Kitty phases her arm through the middle of his torso, deliberately revealing herself as a mutant. Tom grabs her arm in shock, then walks away in disgust. Kitty introduces herself to Shola, who speaks with her just for a moment, then heads off to avoid the authorities.

Outside the tunnel, Kitty and Shan are able to rest and talk for a few minutes, until a police officer interrupts them. Detective Ramos explains that they’re considering the incident an act of domestic terrorism, and want to ask her some questions. She’d like to, she claims, but she has an appointment to get to.

Kitty heads to Dr. Lyszinski’s office for her counseling session. The doc asks about Kitty’s father’s service in Vietnam, but a resentful Kitty doesn’t want to talk about him at first, but begins to reveal a little bit about the anger she has over her father’s secrets, as well as her own. The session ends with Kitty still as unwilling to open up to the doc as ever.

Kitty’s next stop is the University Heights police station. Detectives Ramos and Lukaszh are set to question her good-cop/bad-cop style, with Lukaszh telling Kitty that because of her Dad’s bankruptcy, members of his family suffered. Kitty explains as best she can what led to the explosion at the Bessemer station. They mention the presence of a mutant among the rescue workers, and Lukaszh yells about her punching out Professor Benes. This is definitely a hostile interrogation, and Kitty gathers that the police suspect the class of deliberately sabotaging the experiment in order to discredit Purity. They end by asking her point-blank if she is a mutant, to which she replies, “Hell, yes. Isn’t everyone?”

Leaving the interrogation room, Kitty runs into the rest of her class, who have all been put through the same kind of questioning. They explain that they were each asked the same question about being a mutant, and every one gave the same response as Kitty.

Back at Lake Huron, the Amazon Belle is rapidly approaching Lake Michigan, and a mechanical voice pinpoints the location of a mutant target. It begins a search and destroy mission.







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