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Megatron took the name of the original Megatron with the goal of bringing the Predacons race into dominance over all others. Like his namesake he was quite adept at scheming, plotting, combat, and other nefarious activities. When a peace treaty was signed between Predacons and Maximals he rebelled with a small detachment of Predacons. Megatron stole two golden disks with messages recorded by his predecessor. Upon landing on Earth, he and his forces took the forms of the most dangerous predators. The form he chose was that of a Tyrannosaur. Megatron would later be upgraded into a Transmetal and again with the form of a dragon. Despite being defeated on Earth, Megatron was able to escape the Maximals and return to Cybertron first. Once there, Megatron turned the entire population into Vehicons and made them into unthinking drones. The Maximals retained their animal forms and resisted the virus. Although "purged" of any organic form or data Megatron would turn into a dragon when extremely angry.

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