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Megatron is the name of the main antagonist in the Transformers comics, and is the chief rival of the Autobot Commander, Optimus Prime. The evil leader of the Decepticons is a Transformer, and has traditionally demonstrated the ability to transform himself from robot mode to a Walther P38 9mm pistol. He can also transform into an army tank.

His most powerful weapon is his arm-mounted fusion cannon, which is capable of destroying a large amount of space. If connected to a black hole generator, Megatron's cannon produces anti-matter blasts that has the ability to destroy a small planet. Such a configuration has the down side of leaving him in a weakened and vulnerable state.

He has had several different functions, including a strategic genius that plans from out of battle, to a courageous battle field commander. He is usually very intelligent though, and seems to be able to transform into almost any shape he desires. (He once became a look-a-like Starscream jet, and attached himself to the underside of Starscream). Megatron started the great Cybertronian Civil War nine million years ago by attacking the city of Kaon with his brutal Decepticons. He then attacked Protihex only to be beaten by Sentinel Prime's Autobots, but the Decepticons raze Nova Cronum. Megatron then Kills Sentinel Prime and the matrix is passed onto a warehouse worker named Orion Pax who then is transformed by it's power and becomes Optimus Prime and leads the Autobots. Then Megatron and Prime vanish 7.4 millions years ago due to an early space bridge experiment and are presumed dead. Then he reappears after an absence of one million years. Four million years ago Megatron does a sneak attack on the Autobot space ship the Ark which contained Optimus Prime and the Autobots in his ship the Nemesis the battle leads to both ships crashing and lying dormant until 1984 and is reconfigured into his present form.

Major Story Arcs


War Within

Megatron in his Cybertronian mode

At one point in the war, Megatron killed Sentinel Prime and tried to take the Matrix from him only to learn he didn't have it with him. After Optimus is chosen as the next Prime, Megatron sends a team of Decepticons after him to kill him and bring him the matrix. He later learns that the Autobots plan a planet-wide evacuation and then dispatches Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp to throw off suspicion of the Decepticons’ plans. While they’re off, he has the Constructicons fire up one of the primary planetary turbines which then fires super-heated plasma waste through the surface of the planet, causing vast destruction and killing anyone caught in the blast. He then sends the Insecticons and Soundwave to kill Optimus and bring him the matrix after the last attack failed. Starscream eventually returns from his mission and asks Megatron what he’s planning. Megatron reveals that he found that Cybertron was once a living starship. He said the engines he found were ancient and had much potential but that any plan to try to repair them would have been detected so he organized an uprising to keep everyone at bay and that he needs the matrix as a power source for it. However, he soon discovers that Optimus defeated his attackers so Megatron himself goes after him, deep within Cybertron. But as he confronts Optimus, Starscream destroys the bridge he and Optimus are on, causing them to fall down below. They both survive and battle. Although Optimus tries his hardest, Megatron proves more powerful and tries to take the matrix from him but as he does they both get caught in visions of the future. Megatron is delighted to see that they eventually travel to other planets and then begins attacking Prime again, having realized the visions are not in their heads but are taking place around them. However, as he keeps attacking, the place keeps changing and as Megatron tries to attack again, Prime is teleported away. Prime eventually returns, armed with a sword given to him by Grimlock, with the intention of killing Megatron. As they fight, Megatron is badly damaged but Prime ultimately lets him go.

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Megatron Origin

Megatron when he was a slave/gladiator

Megatron began as just a slave who mined energon at the C-12 outpost. One day, Senator Decimus visited the mine to relieve all the workers of their work there but a revolt broke out and the slaves were all shot down by the guards and the survivors were arrested. On their way to the prison, the slaves commandeered the ship and fled to Kaon. Here, Megatron would become a gladiator in an illegal underground fighting circuit. Megatron was at first reluctant to kill his opponents, but as time passed he got used to it and eventually became a team captain. The growing scale of the illegal fights eventually reached the attention of Kaon's security and Sentinel Prime devised a plan to try to stop it. Meanwhile, Megatron continues to gain new recruits such as Soundwave, Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp. Later, Megatron has bots from all over Cybertron gather at Kaon where he broadcasts a message that they will start a revolution but Sentinel Prime launched a surprise attack and captured Megatron as well as everyone else, filling the prisons beyond their capacity. However, Megatron had secretly planned for this and with Soundwave and Starscream's help, all prisoners, not just the ones that came in with them, are freed so they can all join them. The Decepticons then begin an attack all over Kaon and soon Sentinel Prime himself joined the battle, having donned his apex armor. After a tough battle, Megatron defeats Sentinel Prime and beats him to death. Later on, he is seen on a throne made from the Apex armor and tells Soundwave he has plans for what they will do next.


Megatron orders a group of Decepticons to bring Orion Pax before him and they do so by threatening Orion’s friends. When they meet, Megatron tells Orion about how he’s been watching over him, reveals Zeta Prime’s plan to forcibly take energon from the Cybertronian populace to power his Vamparc cannons, and tries to convince him to join his side so they can overthrow the corrupted government. However, Orion rejects his offer and manages to escape with the help of Autobot reinforcements. Instead of pursuing him, Megatron lets him go, believing that he will cause much damage to the Autobot cause with what he had just learned.

Megatron and Orion Pax joining forces

Later on, Megatron secretly watches over Orion as he pursues Hot Rod in the city of Nyon and learns of what Zeta has been doing to the people in the city and continues watching as Zeta Prime begins attacking the city. During the battle, Zeta Prime clashes with Orion and nearly kills him, but Megatron and his forces then intervene. By sacrificing several civilians to Zeta’s Vamparc cannon, Megatron causes the weapon to overload and Zeta is forced to retreat. Megatron then has the Decepticons bring the Autobots back to their base for repairs. While being repaired, Orion tells Megatron that he was right about everything and Megatron once again tries to convince him to join his side, and while hesitant to trust him, Orion ultimately agrees to join with him.

Soon after, the combined Autobot and Decepticon forces attack the Iacon Citadel and Megatron and Orion come face to face with Zeta Prime. After a fierce battle, Megatron fires his fusion cannon through Zeta’s head and kills him but then he shoots Orion and tells him he served his purpose as Orion seemingly dies.

Later on, the Decepticons begin taking over Cybertron and Megatron offers amnesty to all who join them but also promises to crush anyone who opposes them. A group of Autobots trying to hide from Megatron is soon captured by the Decepticons and all except for Hot Rod are sent to be tortured. Hot Rod is brought to Megatron who praises him for what he did in Nyon, telling him that he did what any true leader would have done. After learning the other Autobots refuse to submit to his will despite being tortured, Megatron orders them to be executed. However, the Autobots manage to escape and they head to Nyon where they meet with Orion Pax, who had obtained the legendary Matrix of Leadership and become Optimus Prime, as well as Metroplex.

The Autobots head to the Nexus Pirate Station in the Torus City Triax where they assist Blaster and send a message across Cybertron about how they shouldn’t believe the Deceptcons’ lies and they will fight for the freedom of the planet. Megatron is then infuriated after learning that Orion had survived and he is then confronted with a massive throng of Autobots heading towards the citadel. Megatron sends out his forces to crush the rebellion but Autobots from across Cybertron join in with the fight against the Decepticons. As Optimus and his forces march towards the Citadel, Megatron reveals Zeta Prime’s final legacy – the Vamparc Annihilator – and uses it to annihilate a large part of the rebellion. However, Metroplex arrives and tears apart the weapon and the citadel and Megatron is then confronted by Optimus and they begin to battle. As Megatron is overpowered by Optimus, he pretends to surrender while reaching for a gun concealed under rubble. Hot Rod sees this, attacks Megatron, and is overpowered and taken captive but he quickly transforms to escape and Optimus fires upon Megatron, leaving him badly injured. Megatron then retreats telling Optimus that all he has done is start a war the likes of which their world had never seen.


Megatron in the Nebraska bunker

Megatron was in the Decepticon bunker in Nebraska telling Razorclaw to do anything to stop Thunderwing even if whole planets, especially Cybertron, have to burn in the process. Shortly after this, the bunker is destroyed by Skywarp and Blitzwing, and it collapses on Megatron. However, he then rises out of the rubble and then takes them both down with ease. He then goes to the Decepticon command bunker in Oregon to confront Starscream, knowing he was behind the attack. None of the Decepticons dare to attack Megatron save Starscream, who charged himself with ore-13. Starscream launches a heavy assault on Megatron but all it really did was annoy him. Megatron then tells Starscream of all his failures and then proceeds to punish him, leaving him badly damaged. He tells Runamuck and Runabout to see if Starscream still lives and decides to just leave the Autobots, who were witnessing everything, and just tells them “Phase 2”.


Megatron's Earth form

At the Oregon Command bunker, Megatron learns more about ore-13 from Astrotrain, believing that it could be very useful and begins the “Infiltration” phase. Later, he forgives the Decepticons for attacking him earlier and then says that Starscream unwittingly laid the foundations for the next phase of their plan by discovering ore-13 and has Astrotrain activate the facsimiles. Megatron has Skywarp and Thundercracker attack a power plant in El Jira to escalate tensions between it and the United States. He then heads to the Breakaway Soviet State of Brasnya to test the capabilities of his new Earth form. At Brasnya, he uses mass-displacement to shrink down in size and to transform into his gun mode, which is then wielded by a facsimile of Georgi Koska. He then fires and destroys the Soviets’ primary oil line, knowing the Russians will soon be there to investigate. When the Russians arrive in the area, they are fired upon by Brasnyan soldiers and by Megatron wielded by Koska’s facsimile. Megatron claims this will cause the Russians to bring in tanks, which will be viewed upon as a hostile incursion by Brasnya, furthering increasing the tension in the area. He tells Koska he also has other facsimiles giving speeches in other places to further increase pressure and has Blitzwing, disguised as a Russian tank, ready to fire in case the Brasnyans’ confrontation is merely a standoff. Blitzwing soon informs Megatron that he has Optimus in his sight and that he hasn’t been spotted yet, to which Megatron tells him to fire when he’s in range. He also tells Skywarp to be ready as he’s certain there are other Autobots. Later, the Autobots attack Koska’s facsimile and he drops Megatron, so he orders the facsimile to decommission. Prime approaches Megatron, who then transforms and challenges Optimus to battle. As they fight, they seem evenly matched at first, but the ore-13 powering Megatron gives him an edge and he ultimately overpowers and seemingly kills Optimus. With Optimus seemingly dead, Megatron demand the Autobots surrender but they attack him instead, only to find themselves unable to do anything to him. Megatron is ultimately taken down by Prime, who survived by sending his higher functions into his trailer’s ancillary systems, and the Autobots by taking advantage of the weakness of ore-13 that was revealed back when they fought Thunderwing on Cybertron. Defeated, Megatron then retreats with Skywarp’s help. Later, at the Oregon bunker, in response to Prime’s reinforcements, Megatron orders Astrotrain to call in Sixshot, despite it being too early in the stages to bring him in.


The Decepticons fight with the Reapers

After his last defeat, Megatron has called in Sixshot, even though it’s too early. However, Megatron says that phases no longer matter and that in the circumstances they are in they need extreme measures. Sixshot finds the Autobot’s ship, shoots it down, but notices the ship launching an escape pod and Megatron commands him to find whoever was in it and to kill them. However, while Sixshot is busy fighting the Autobots, the Reapers appear in Earth’s orbit and begin attacking the Decepticon’s command bunker, so Megatron recalls Sixshot to the base. As Sixshot arrives, he attacks the Reapers while they still offer him the choice to join them. At that moment, Starscream heads into the battle, and although his arrival makes Sixshot decide to fight with the Reapers, Starscream uses a code given to him by Megatron long ago that shuts Sixshot down. Seeing this, Megatron realizes that the other Decepticons had been conspiring behind him the whole time but because of the situation at hand, he just has everyone engage in battle. As the Decepticons and Reapers battle, Galvatron arrives and touches the reaper known as Deathbringer turning him into a harvester of unlife, causing him to kill everything he touches and he kills many of his fellow reapers in the process. While the Decepticons do not understand what’s going on exactly, Megatron uses the disarray to their advantage and they manage to defeat the Reapers. Shortly afterwards, Megatron asks Blitzwing why he shouldn’t just kill him for conspiring against him, and Starscream answers by saying that it’s because the humans now know of their existence as jets fly above the area.


Megatron is utterly ruthless and merciless. Mercy, love and compassion are words without meaning for Megatron. He destroys everyone and everything that stays in his path, and many fears him, and only a few dares to confront him. He is arrogant and power-hungry, and would do anything to destroy Optimus Prime and the Autobots.

In most of his incarnations, however, Megatron believes he is the good guy and fights for freedom and justice, and believes that the only way to achieve piece is through tyranny.

Powers and Abilities

Megatron possesses enormous strength, enough to lift 2000 tons and take on the likes of Optimus Prime in hand-to-hand combat, and even catch a punch from Devastator and hold him. He is also nearly invulnerable to all forms of physical damage, durable enough to take blows from Optimus Prime, who's also strong enough to lift 2000 tons, and even took a blow directly from Devastator and just asked for more (Devastator can lift around 250 tons, that combined with his enormous size makes his punches powerful enough to effortlessly smash a suspension bridge with one punch). His fusion cannon also possesses incredible amounts of power, enough to flatten a small town with one fully-powered blast and it has the range of 12 miles. He can also connect his cannon with a black hole, where it can draw anti-matter as it's power source. He is also a very intelligent and tactical battlefield commander, and combines brute strength, military cunning, ruthlessness and terror in battle which makes the Decepticons respect him and many Autobots fear him.

Other Media


The Transformers Cartoon (Generation One)

Voiced by: Frank Welker

The creation of a new Decepticon leader

After the Quintessons where exiled from Cybertron, their creations who were divided into two warring factions Autobots and Decepticons they waged war with each other. Whilst the Autobots where physically weaker they had developed the ability to transform and it was thanks to this advancement, which gave them the upper hand and allowed them to win. The Golden Age of Cybertron flourished but it did not last too long. Whilst under centuries of Autobots rule the Decepticons had managed to develop the transforming technology themselves, but not only that but also the ability to fly in robot mode. This led to Megatron's creation.

After managing to gather a select group of like minded individuals, Megatron started on his mission to overturn Autobot rule and restore Decepticon rule. During this time he attacked cities on the outer rim and killed the former Autobot leader Sentinel Prime. A device called the Robo Smasher allowed him to take Autobots and convert them to Decepticons, this helped Megatron to build a new army of followers. Amongst these were the Constructicons who he also gave the ability to combine into Devastator. His deeds had not yet reached the public and one particular Transformer named Orion Pax looked up to these robots with new flying abilities. Megatron approached the young worker, wanting to use a warehouse for storage. But once Orion had showed him it Megatron quickly turned on the young bot once he had access to the energon stored there. Orion was badly injured in the scuffle and was left to die. But Guardian Robots intervened. The Aerialbots found Orion who was rebuilt by Alpha Trion into Optimus Prime. He was now powerful enough to match Megatron and lead the Autobots on against the Decepticons.

The Decepticons managed to conquer alot of Cybertron under Megatrons command. But their planet was heavily drained of resources due to the years of conflict. Learning about the Autobots plans to voyage off of Cybertron to explore and find new worlds and resources. Megatron left his loyal ally Shockwave in charge of Cybertron. He and a group of other Decepticons,including the seeker trio led by the treacherous Starscream and the loyal Soundwave boarded the Nemesis. They pursued the Autobots ship the Ark. A battle ensued when they boarded the Autobot craft. But it got caught in the g forces and the craft crash landed on the planet. All of the Transformers where knocked offline.

After roughly four million years in 1984 the volcano that the Ark had crash landed in began to erupt. The eruption brought Teletraan 1 back online. It brought the Decepticon seeker Skywarp back and he immediately brought Megatron back, he now could take the form of an earth weapon the Walter P.38 handgun. After bringing the rest of his forces back online he made plans to get resources from this new planet and build a new ship to take them back to Cybertron. The Autobots were brought back online thanks to Starscream who shot at the volcano which resulted in some of it collapsing which in turn jolted the Autobots back to life. Both factions were now back online and as a result a new battle had begun on earth.

First battle between the two leaders on earth

The first fight on earth was on an oil rig and both leaders used energy weapons, Prime an axe and Megatron a mace.

Megatron formulated many schemes to try and fulfill his goals. Weather it was to build a Space Bridge and bring Cybertron into earths orbit. Or even to use his fellow Decepticons abilities to win in a fight against Prime with the fate of both factions in the balance of the victor. But despite his many schemes and plans he was always beaten by the Autobots.

Over the course of twenty years till the year 2005, Megatron focused his efforts on taking over Cybertron. Which by then he had managed to do. Learning of the Autobots plans to make a major blow against him. He and other Decepticons attacked an Autobot shuttle. Slaying Prowl, Brawn, Ratchet and blowing Ironhide apart at point blank range and dismissing the downed Autobots little effort at clutching at his leg to try and stop him from attacking Autobot city in the Autobot ship (since they would be undetected). Initiating a massive siege on the city,eventually Devastator managed to break the walls down. But before the attack could move any further Optimus Prime intervened and a final battle between the two leaders ensued.

"I'll rip out your optics!"

Megatron fought hard and in most of the battle managed to equal Prime and hit him with some hard blows, especially from an energy sword. Eventually though Megatron was on his knees but seeing a laser pistol he crawled forward and begged for mercy to keep him distracted but all of a sudden Hot Shot intervened and tried to attack Megatron but he got the upper hand very easily even in his weakened state. Optimus unable to aim at Megatron due to him using Hot Rod as a shield and taking his chance to shoot the Autobot leader. Walking over to the downed leader. Prime caught Megatron off guard and swung his arms at Megatron resulting in the Decepticon falling over the edge. He was carried away by Soundwave.

But later during Astrotrains journey back to Cybertron he needed to jettison some weight, to make it back. So it was decided the injured Decepticons would be pushed out. It was Starscream who personally let Megatron adrift.

Megatron is reformatted into Galvatron by The Chaos Bringer

His body was found by Unicron. After introducing who he was to the leader and revealing to Megatron the Matrix of leadership is the only thing that can stop him and that it not been destroyed along with Prime but had passed onto Ultra Magnus . Megatron asked what he would get out it, if he destroys the Matrix.

Unicron replied that he would have a new body with new troops to command. After showing contempt and that it was not enough for him the Chaos Bringer began to destroy him. In immense pain Megatron quickly changed his mind and agreed to the bargain.

The planet sized being reformatted Megatron into Galvatron and the other injured Decepticons into Scourge the tracked and leader of the dreaded Sweeps and Cyclonus.

Beast Wars: Transformers

In the second season to the third season, G1 Megatron was seen leaving a message to surviving Decepticons and future to go back in time and destroy the Autobots from time, he and the other Decepticons were all in stasis on board the Ark where they would wake up in 1984 to start their war with the Autobots. In order to preserve their history Optimus Primal and the Maximals relocated their base to the volcano, in order to stop the Predacons (BW) from tampering with it. In the episode "Master Blaster" (BW) Megatron in fused his spark with his "Namesake" in order to become powerful form, (BW) Megatron alt-mode went from being a Transmetal T-rex into a Transmetal 2 dragon. Of course it was never shown or why it wasn't explained why it was shown but in a deleted scene, it shows Optimal Optimus restoring G1 Megatron's spark into it's rightful place, thus restoring the timeline.

He is voiced by Garry Chalk

Transformers: Animated

In his current appearance Megatron stars in the Transformers animated series where he has spent millions of years to use the Allspark to rule Cybertron. His robot form is very similar to his 2007 live-action movie form and he can transform into a

Megatron as he appears in Transformers: Animated in his Cybertronian form.

Cybertronian star fighter. In his attempt to retrieve it he explodes and is parts are on earth a boy discovers his head and in 50 years time that boy becomes the scientist Professor Sumdac who builds a robotic empire based on Megatron. The Autobots who have become heroes in the city of Detroit soon discover that Megatron was kept and rebuilt in Sumdac's lab. His new form is based on his G1 form and can transform into a futuristic double-rotor helicopter. He then made another attempt to retrieve the Allspark but was ultimately defeated and the allspark was shattered and its pieces were scattered across Detroit. Megatron then kidnapped Professor Sumdac and went under cover with plans to try to take over Cybertron by taking over the entire space bridge network and using it to launch a Decepticon assault on Cybertron. He eventually kidnaps Bulkhead after learning he is the galaxy's foremost expert in space bridge technology and forces him and Sumdac to work together and build a space bridge but as he attempts to implement his plan, Starscream and his clones and the Autobots show up and a battle ensues. In the battle, the space bridge is damaged and Megatron tries to use Starscream's head, with the all-spark fragment in it, to help power it but it ends up going haywire and erases the coordinates on it and starts to suck in everything.

Megatron in his Earth form in Transformers: Animated

Megatron attempts then to kill Optimus Prime, but Prime manages to slap on stasis cuffs on Megatron, weakening him and causing him to get sucked into the unstable space bridge which would then be stopped by Omega Supreme. Megatron and Starscream would end up lost in space together but Starscream accidentally finds a way to free Megatron of his stasis cuffs and eventually they find Omega Supreme and attempt to use him to invade Earth and destroy the Autobots but they manage to cause Omega Supreme to start randomly warping around the galaxy. Eventually, however, Megatron gets control of Omega Supreme and tries to clone him and make them into his own image, though they accidentally end up looking like Lugnut instead. They then invade Detroit and attempt to destroy it and Megatron engages with Optimus Prime, now with a jetpack and Ultra Magnus' hammer, in a final battle. In the heat of the battle, Prowl and Jazz try to meditate to bring together the allspark and then use it to make a shield around one of the Lugnut-Omega Supreme drones which is about to self-destruct and Megatron and Optimus are caught inside of the shield but Optimus is brought out and Megatron is left trapped in as the drone explodes. However, Megatron survives, though badly injured and attempts one final attack but is ultimately defeated by Optimus Prime. He then tells Optimus to finish him but Optimus says that would be the easy way out for him and puts stasis cuffs on him and then brings him and the other Decepticons into Cybertron custody.

He is voiced by Corey Burton

Transformers: Prime

Voiced by: Frank Welker


Megatronus and Orion Pax

Long ago on Cybertron, Megatron was a gladiator who took on the name of Megatronus - one of the original thirteen Primes. He promised to challenge Cybertron's leaders to demand equality for all and quickly gained a large group of followers. Orion Pax, who had looked up to Megatronus, became a pupil to him when he left the arena to join in the politics of Cybertron and Megatronus shortened his name to just Megatron. But when he approached the council, he revealed that he wanted to overthrow the old guard by force and demanded to become the next Prime. With his plan failed, he severed his ties with Orion and the council and formed the Decepticons to wage war against all who opposed him. He vowed to take the Matrix and soon the war ravaged Cybertron.

Darkness Rising

Megatron as he appears in Transformers: Prime

Megatron had disappeared for some time but eventually returned with a discovery - a substance called dark energon which is said to be the blood of Unicron and is rumored to have the power to raise the dead. He uses it to revive Cliffjumper's dead body causing him to go around and attack the Decepticons in a frenzied rage until Megatron stopped him. However, Cliffjumper coming back to life caused the Autobots to receive his life signal and attempted to rescue him and so Megatron ordered Starscream to blow the energon mine that the Autobots were in, though the Autobots managed to escape in time but without Cliffjumper. Megatron then starts thinking that he needs to expose himself more to the dark energon and puts some of it into his own spark.

Soon, Optimus and Ratchet learn of the substance and travel to a location on Earth where it's believed that many dead Cybertronians lay, because of how Cybertronians long ago tried to hide deposits of energon on other planets which is why it exists on planets other than Cybertron, but as they arrive Megatron had been waiting for them and uses dark energon to raise the dead Cybertronians buried deep within the earth and uses the power of the dark energon within himself to take control of them. He then orders them to attack Ratchet and Prime and they manage to hold their own against them for a while but the dark energon starts sapping them of their strength and soon find themselves struggling to survive. Eventually, they manage to defeat all of the undead Cybertronians and then Optimus climbs up the cliff and heads towards Megatron but as he attempts to strike at Megatron, he transforms and escapes. Later he's seen beating Starscream around for not following his orders and for trying to follow his own agenda which ended up hampering Megatron's own plans while Starscream tries to defend himself saying he was only trying to help him get rid of Optimus and that he will make it up to him. His true plan is revealed to be to use a space bridge to send a large amount of dark energon to Cybertron to revive all the undead Cybertronians and take control of them.

The Autobots appear to try to foil his plan and as they plan to destroy the space bridge, Megatron engages in battle with Optimus

Megatron's body as it remains under repair.

with Megatron nearly winning until Starscream informs him of the other Autobots attempting to destroy the space bridge. He leaves Prime and goes to try to stop them and although he was too late he manages to severely injure Arcee. As the Autobots retreat, Megatron sees the undead army of Cybertron coming through the space bridge only to find the entire bridge explode with him right next to it. He is then believed to be dead by everyone until Starscream picks up his life signal near the site of the space bridge's destruction. Starscream travels there and finds that Megatron still lives because of the dark energon infused within his spark and so Starscream removes it, apparently killing Megatron. However, because Soundwave sent one of his probes after Starscream, Starscream decides to bring Megatron's body back to the Decepticon base. Megatron's body would

Bumblebee encounter's Megatron while inside of Megatron's mind

then be placed in a chamber where it would be healed while Starscream would try to find a way to kill him without actually letting Soundwave know that he did it so that he could rightfully take over the Decepticons. However, Megatron's mind was still very much active even though his body was not. Eventually, Bumblebee and Arcee would sneak on board the Decepticon ship and connect Bumblebee's mind with Megatron's to learn the cure to a Cybertronian disease created by Megatron himself which was currently infecting Optimus. Although they manage to obtain the formula and cure Optimus, Megatron's mind would transfer into Bumblebee's and he would then force Bumblebee to do what he wanted so he could restore his old body. Using Bumblebee, he would find a shard of dark energon and would then infuse it into himself and connect his mind back into his own body, reviving himself once again. He then proceeds to punish Starscream by beating him and injuring him to the point where Starscream is forced to be placed in the very chamber Megatron's body was in while he was healing.


Originally voiced by Frank Welker in the animated series and movie, Megatron was voiced by Hugo Weaving in the 2007 live action film.

Transformers Official Movie Prequel

Megatron sinks into the arctic circle

Long ago, Optimus Prime and High Lord Protector Megatron once ruled as equals in an age of peace and prosperity on Cybertron. Eventually, however, something would change in Megatron and he would build a loyal army of separatists, who would call themselves Decepticons, and waged a war with the purpose of obtaining the Allspark for himself. The Autobots would try to hide the Allspark at Tyger Pax but Megatron would discover its presence there and attacked. In a last ditch effort to keep Megatron from getting the Allspark, the Autobots would launch it into deep space. In anger, Megatron would crush Bumblebee’s voicebox, as he was most responsible for keeping the Allspark from him, and then fly after the Allspark himself, swearing he would get it no matter what. Megatron would travel through much of the universe, following the residual trail left by the Allspark until he reaches Earth, which is where it landed. However, as he enters the atmosphere he hits a radiation blind spot and his sensors go offline, losing contact with the allspark. As this happens, he starts to realize the strain the journey has had on him and he lands in the arctic circle where his mass and external boy temperature cause him to sink into the ice where he would go into stasis and remain frozen until he was discovered in 1937 by an expedition lead by Archibald Witwicky. Upon discovering him, Witwicky would be traumatized and although he was reported as being crazy, the government believed him and would lead an expedition to uncover Megatron. Soon, his body would be excavated brought to a secret base hidden in the Hoover Dam where it would remain for years, while Sector 7 would reverse-engineer technology from his dormant body.


Megatron as he appears in the 2007 film, Transformers.

Megatron long ago went after the Allspark after it had been launched into space by the Autobots in an attempt to keep it away from him. He followed it all the way to Earth where he crashed into the North pole. His extreme heat from the journey and lack of energy caused him to go into stasis for millions of years. His body was discovered by an arctic expedition lead by Captain Archibald Witwicky and he was taken to a secret base under the Hoover Dam where his body was kept frozen. Decades later, the Decepticons came to Earth searching for the Allspark and Megatron was released from his frozen prison. Later, the Autobots and Decepticons had a battle for the Allspark at Mission City and, ultimately, Megatron was destroyed when Sam Witwicky plugged the Allspark into his spark and his dead body was dumped into the Laurentian Abyss along with the rest of the dead Decepticons.

Transformers: Defiance (Revenge of the Fallen movie prequel)

Megatron with his master, trapped in a sarcophagus

Megatron was commander of Cybertron’s military. During an excavation of a site near the Simfur temple, a sarcophagus is discovered. Megatron orders it to be freed from the ground at once but then an alien race, which desires the Allspark, attacks the city. During the battle, Megatron is badly damaged and goes back to Trypticon, his home city, and he collapses near the sarcophagus that was uncovered earlier. The being trapped in the sarcophagus treats Megatron’s wounds with the power he has and then promises Megatron great power. Soon, he decides that the alien race that attacked that earlier must be exterminated and leads a team to the Eshems Nebula, where the aliens are. After a brutal assault that spares none of the aliens, Megatron says that their passiveness is what allowed them to be attacked and that it’s time for them to begin a conquest of the surrounding systems. As he returns to Trypticon, he is told by his master that he is to now take control of Cybertron. He also learns from him that Optimus visited the room and Megatron thinks that Optimus desires the power promised by his master but says that it belongs only to him. He then orders Prowl to arrest Optimus for treason and has Starscream lead an assault against the Autobots. Later, Megatron is giving a speech in Trypticon that they have remained peaceful for too long and how it’s done no good for them. He then promises that they will crush their enemies and gives them the name “Decepticons”. Megatron then begins building a massive ship, called the Nemesis, and his master tells him the tale of the sun harvester - a machine with the power to destroy suns and convert them into energon. Megatron then swears to find the harvester but he is ordered to remain on Cybertron while his crew goes on the journey instead. As time passes, war wages on Cybertron and the Autobots eventually launch the Allspark into deep space to keep it from Megatron. Megatron then goes after the Allspark but he receives a distress call from the Nemesis and heads towards it. He tells his master that the Allspark was launched into deep space and he is then told to continue following it because it is sure to land wherever the last sun harvester is. Megatron then continues following until he reaches Earth where the strain of his journey causes him to go into stasis at the arctic circle.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Megatron's new form after being revived in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

The Decepticons steal a fragment of the Allspark and use it to revive Megatron. Megatron then flies to the crashed Nemesis ship and meets his master, the Fallen and tells him he failed to get the Allspark. He is then told that the Allspark is not gone, but rather has found a new container - Sam Witwicky - and that the only one that can defeat him is another Prime. Megatron goes to Earth and captures Sam Witwicky and with his Decepticons uncovers the symbols in Sam's head. Optimus Prime appears and rescues Sam and he and Megatron do battle in a forest and ultimately, Megatron kills Optimus Prime. Soon, Megatron meets his master once more and they go to Earth and use the symbols to find the location of the Sun Harvester - a giant machine capable of destroying suns to create Energon, the life-blood of all Transformers. However, as they prepare to activate the Sun Harvester, Optimus Prime is revived and combined with Jetfire's parts and destroys the machine, defeats Megatron, and kills the Fallen. Seeing his master die, Megatron listens to Starscream's plan to flee and says that it's not over yet.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Megatron's new Earth form in Dark of the Moon

Megatron appears in the third film. He transforms into an oil truck which is supposed to represent a "darker" version of Optimus Prime.

Megatron had been hiding out in Namibia after his defeat at the end of the second film. With the help of some humans, the Decepticons manage to reveal the location of Sentinel Prime and the Ark to the Autobots for they need Sentinel for their ultimate plan. After Sentinel betrays the Autobots, he meets up Megatron in Washington D.C. and uses the pillars to create a space bridge to teleport a bunch of Decepticons who had been hidden on the dark side of the Moon. Megatron and Sentinel then head to Chicago where they then cut off the city from the outside and prepare for the invasion of the planet. While this is going on, Megatron's position as leader of the Decepticons is slowly being given away to Sentinel but he doesn't realize this until Carly brings it up during the final battle. With this in mind, Megatron would ambush Sentinel Prime as he was about to kill Optimus and brings him down. He then attempts to offer a truce with Optimus, telling him he just wants to be back in charge and asks Prime who he'd be without him. Optimus, however, declines and then kills Megatron by ripping his head off with his axe.

Video Games

Megatron in War for Cybertron

Transformers: War for Cybertron (2010) - Megatron appears as a playable character in Transformers: War for Cybertron, making his first appearance in the first chapter of the Decepticon campaign. In the first chapter of the game, he and a lot of other Decepticons entered an orbital space station, led by Starscream, to capture the Dark Energon, and conquer it, and Megatron would have full control over it. He fights alongside Brawl and Barricade during the mission, but Soundwave also helps them with their mission. Megatron, Brawl and Barricade defeats Starscream's army and Megatron takes control over the Dark Energon. After that, Starscream asks Megatron to teach him to wield Dark Energon the same way Megatron does, and Starscream would serve him. Megatron asked what there is that Starscream possibly could offer him, and Starscream then told him that the Dark Energon supply on the station is nearly exhausted, and he could manufacture more by reconnecting an Energon bridge that once fed the orbital station directly. This happened in the second chapter, and Megatron is slightly impressed by Starscream's results, and Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker had fully joined the Decepticon cause. In the third chapter of the Decepticon campaign, Brawl, Starscream and many Decepticon soldiers distract the Autobots on the front lines, while Megatron, Soundwave and Breakdown moves behind enemy lines to obtain the Omega Key, so Megatron could reach Cybertron's core, corrupt it with Dark Energon and conquer the planet. They defeat the Autobot forces that come in their way. Then they later meet up with Brawl, and Megatron tries to get through Zeta Prime's vaults with Dark Energon, however, Zeta Prime's vaults was more resilient than he realized. They had to call in the Decepticon bombers to breach the armor of Zeta's vaults, however, an Autobot security-cannon destroys the bomber-ships. Then Megatron corrupts one of the cannons with Dark Energon, and uses it to blow up the other one. Then they had to call in for more bombers. It takes some time for the bombers to reach them though, but they did and it's firepower breached the armor of Zeta's vaults. Then when they go in, they are about to obtain the Omega Key, however, Zeta Prime defends it and they now had to fight Zeta's machinery. They destroyed Zeta's machinery, and then Megatron ripped a hole in Zeta's gut and grabbed the Omega Key. But Zeta Prime laughs and says Megatron's spies had been misinformed, because what Megatron and the Decepticons believed to be the Omega Key, was simply a device that could activate the real Omega Key, that was none other than the gigantic Autobot Omega Supreme. Megatron found out that Omega Supreme was the Omega Key in the next chapter, but he knew that it would be foolish to attack Omega Supreme head on, as Omega Supreme is one of the most powerful Autobots that exists. Instead, Megatron, Soundwave and Breakdown work together again to move behind enemy lines and reach the Autobots powerful gun-turrets, that apparently had enough firepower to atleast breach Omega Supreme's thick, heavy-plated armor. Megatron believed this had defeated Omega Supreme, but in the next chapter the battle continues and Omega Supreme's not beaten yet. However, when they had weakened Omega Supreme enough, Megatron corrupted Omega Supreme with Dark Energon, and then used Omega Supreme to reach the core of Cybertron, corrupt it with Dark Energon and conquer the planet from within. Megatron makes a few appearances in the Autobot campaign, although not a physical appearance. In the second chapter of the Autobot campaign, Megatron warned Optimus Prime that if he did not leave Cybertron, he and his Autobots would perish. He makes another short appearance in the fourth chapter of the Autobot campaign, ordering another orbital Decepticon space station, also known as Trypticon, to execute all Autobot ships, and kill Optimus. Of course, this failed. However he had not lost yet. Megatron is one of the playable chassis' for the Soldier class in Multiplayer mode, with his chassis being called "Destroyer", and he is also a playable character in Escalation mode, and he is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Megatron in his cybertronian form in DotM the game
Megatron in his new Earth form in DotM the game

Transformers: Dark of the Moon the game (2011) - Megatron makes an appearance in Dark of the Moon the game, making his first overall appearance in chapter six. Starscream has taken Autobot Mech-Tech devices to Megatron, however, Megatrron was not pleased, as he knew the Autobots had planted tracking-devices on their Mech-Tech machinery. Megatron attempted to drain Starscream's Energon to re-fill his own, but there was no time, as the Autobots had already found is hide-out. Megatron and some Decepticon soldiers takes down some of the Autobots, and Megatron then goes and grabs some plutonium from an old human stockpile, which he can use the awaken the hatchlings across the base, but structural collapse forces him to use ventilation tunnels to progress. Meanwhile, Starscream gets to the surface and begins bombing the Autobots, but this causes further damage to the base. After acquiring more plutonium, Megatron decides to begin Shockwave's cryo-thaw, but Soundwave has lost his connection, so the process must be done manually. The leader rallies his Decepticon forces to hold off the Autobot attack while he makes his way through the tunnels to Shockwave's cryochamber, scanning a truck to get there faster. As he nears the cryochamber, he encounters Warpath who, despite his boasts, Megatron easily finishes off. The Decepticon leader destroys the intense cryo systems that have kept Shockwave frozen for so many years and waits for his assassin to awake. However, Optimus Prime arrives, using weapons and an impenetrable energon shield from his trailer to battle Megatron. Soundwave informs Megatron that the freezing spray from the cryo generators can weaken the shields, and the Decepticon leader destroys the generators in the room until the shields on Prime can be destroyed. Although Optimus activates a jetpack and heavy weaponry, he is still defeated, and Megatron kicks him down into the cryochamber. The Decepticon then flees the base, sneaking past Ironhide and Ratchet using his new vehicle mode. Megatron appears again in a cutscene after the last chapter of the game, greeting Shockwave back to the Decepticon cause and directly gives him a mission. To travel to an abandoned nuclear facility in Chernobyl and retrieve a pillar. Megatron then proceeds to gloat that Optimus Prime has no idea of his plans, and that the Earth and its resources will soon belong to him, and Cybertron shall soon be born anew. Megatron is also one of the playable characters for both the Commander and Warrior class in the Multiplayer mode and is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Megatron's new form in Fall of Cybertron

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (2012) - Megatron appears in War for Cybertron's sequel, Fall of Cybertron. He appears in the first chapter, where he and the Decepticons tries to destroy the Ark, and Megatron and Optimus Prime fights head on. However, the outcome of this battle was not shown in the first chapter, and the next chapter takes place six Earth days before the first chapter. Megatron appears in the second chapter, though only as a hologram, ordering many Decepticons to do anything to capture the Ark, and it's enormous Energon supply. Megatron appears again in the third chapter, where Brawl, Onslaught and Starscream had captured Optimus Prime, and Megatron kills several Autobot prisoners and imprisons Optimus. However, this is short-lived, as Metroplex arrives at the Decepticon base and rescues Optimus, and crushes Megatron to death on the way. Megatron's demise makes Starscream turn himself into the new Decepticon leader. Megatron appears again in chapter nine, where it's shown that Soundwave had secretly been working on resurrecting Megatron, and he succeeded and Megatron came back to life. Then he seeks revenge on Starscream for taking over as leader of the Decepticons and likely also for not trying to revive him in the first place. He makes it clear he has returned, by attacking Starscream in a gladiator arena, however Starscream is protected by a force-field, and orders some of his Decepticon soldiers to attack Megatron, and Megatron defeats all of them. Then he blasts Starscream and badly injures him, and Starscream then flies away. Megatron had reclaimed his leadership over the Decepticons, and Onslaught asks Megatron if he and his Combaticons should chase after Starscream and finish him, but Megatron says that Starscream is not worth the time, and they have more important business at hand. The Decepticons are pleased to see that Megatron is back. Megatron appears again in the next chapter, where he and the Decepticons try to capture Trypticon's power core from the crater at which Trypticon was defeated in his last battle with the Autobots in War for Cybertron. However, the Autobots had built strong defenses near the crater. Megatron also met Optimus in this chapter, although not physically, only through hologram, and Optimus was surprised to see that Megatron is back. Optimus says that if Megatron is after Trypticon's power core, than the Decepticons are just as desperate as the Autobots and says they should work together. Megatron refuses and blames Optimus for Cybertron's damaged state, and tells him he's going to send Optimus into oblivion. He then after a while reaches Trypticon, but Megatron tells Trypticon that if he could hear him, it was not a rescue mission. Trypticon's failure to destroy the Autobots had failed and disappointed Megatron, and instead turns Trypticon into a massive Decepticon space-ship which Megatron would call the Nemesis, and Soundwave states that in Trypticon's damaged state, his alternate form would become permanent. But Megatron ply said that would be even better. Megatron appears again in chapter twelve, although only through hologram. He makes one final appearance in the final chapter of the game, and he and the Decepticons attack the Ark with the Nemesis. He orders Soundwave to arrive inside the Ark and destroy it's defense systems. Then he orders the Decepticons to connect the Nemesis' cables with the Ark, however the cables were destroyed, but then he ordered the Combaticons to form Bruticus and he ordered Bruticus to attack the Ark and destroy it's main Energon tank. This was successful. Megatron then attacks Optimus head on, and this takes place where chapter 1 ended. Megatron gains the upper hand, and then attempts to finish Optimus with a shot from a Nucleon Shock Cannon, but Bumblebee jumps in the way and blocks the shot. This badly injures Bumblebee and angers Optimus and Optimus attacks Megatron again and they end up in a sword-fight, but neither of them won, as the Nemesis and the Ark got sucked into the portal which most likely sent them to Earth. It is unknown what happened after this. Megatron's body parts are also available for the Titan class in Multiplayer, with his parts begin called "Gunner" and his armor set just has his normal name, Megatron. At a higher level, you also unlock another head for the Titan class that resembles Megatron with a crown, and that one part is called "Elite". He is also a playable character in Escalation mode and is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Megatron in Rise of the Dark Spark

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark (2014) - Megatron makes an appearance in Rise of the Dark Spark. The Cybertron-part of the game takes place after War for Cybertron, but before Fall of Cybertron, while the Earth-part takes place in a different Universe. In the second chapter of the game, Megatron ordered Shockwave, Soundwave and Starscream to capture the Dark Spark and bring it to him. Megatron makes another appearance in chapter 7, but only as a hologram, when Optimus Prime and Jazz went into Kaon to rescue Cliffjumper. Then he makes one final appearance in the game in the ninth chapter, where Optimus and Megatron fights head-on, where Megatron appeared to use Dark Energon to increase the power of the Dark Spark. Optimus destroyed the rechargers, and then Optimus attempted to defeat Megatron with a powerful blast from the Matrix of Leadership, and while Megatron fought back with the Dark Spark, the power of the Matrix managed to overpower the Dark Spark with ease. The blast was really powerful, and badly injured both Optimus and Megatron, and the Dark Spark was blasted into space, and left the Universe and arrived in the movie Universe. While Megatron was dead in the movie Universe, a bounty-hunter called Lockdown attempted to use the Dark Spark to bring back Megatron and the Decepticons from the past to the present. Megatron is also a playable character in the Escalation mode and he's voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Megatron in RotF the game

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen the game (2009) - Megatron makes an appearance in Revenge of the Fallen the game, and is one of the main Decepticons. He appears in several missions as a playable character in the Decepticon campaign, and appears some times in the Autobot campaign aswell. He's also a playable character in Multiplayer mode and is voiced by Frank Welker.

Megatron in Transformers: The Game

Transformers: The Game (2007) - Megatron appears as a playable character in the Decepticon campaign, after being resurrected. He is one of the main characters of the game, and is also the last boss battle for the Autobot campaign. He is voiced by Frank Welker.


  • Height: 35'
  • Weight: 4 tons


Generation 1 Megatron

Generation One: Megatron 1984/1985

The original Megatron that was released in the initial year of The Transformers toy-line starting life as a figure from the Microman line named "Gun Robo - P -38". Transforming into an accurate representation of a Walter P-38 handgun. The Gun Robo P-38 U.NC.L.E version included an additional scope, silencer and stock. Which was intended to represent the particular version seen in the 60's spy TV series The Man From U.N.C.L.E. It was this particular version would be the Decepticon Leader released by Hasbro. The scope on the gun would become the characters "fusion cannon" in robot mode or it could combine with the stock and silencer to become a "Particle Beam Cannon ". Or could combine with Megatron to become a " Telescoping Laser Cannon". The small handles on the silencer were originally meant to be a seat so that a Micrioman figure could operate it. The feature was obviously left out in Megaton's instructions. He also included a chrome "high density infrared laser cannon". The figure has had several reissues and redecos over the years.

In Japan he was released alongside Convoy (Optimus Prime). This version was grey instead of chrome. He was released again in the "Goodbye Megatron" two pack along with Starscream. To in a way commemorate his "death" in the 86 movie. This version of the toy was a lighter grey.

Action Masters 1990: Neutro Fusion Tank With Megatron

Returning in the Action Master range in 1990. Just like the rest of the range Megatron himself could not transform. Instead he came with his "Neutro Fusion Tank.

Which could transform into a tank, boat and weapons emplacement. The figure was notably lacking his fusion cannon. In 1992 a Japanese fan molded his own. Unexpectedly Takara gave it approval and sold it at a Japanese convention for a day only. It was priced at 2000 Yen.

Generation 2 1992: Megatron

Unable to release Megatron as a pistol again. Hasbro instead decided to go a very different route for the Decepticon Leader. He was now a M1A1 Abram's tank.

His deco mainly consisted of a green base and a purple cameo pattern.

He has various features including a gravity fed cannon, which makes sounds when fired. If you press a panel in tank mode he will shout out "Megatron Attack!"

Armada 2002: Megatron

He transforms into a tank and has a projectile he can blast out of his tank cannon. He also has his minicon Leader-1 with him.

Energon 2004: Megatron

He can transform into a jet and shoot out projectiles.

Cybertron 2005: Megatron

He transforms into a car and a jet, and can blast out missiles.

Movie 2007: Replica Megatron

Being a replica, this figure can't transform, but is very movie-accurate and has amazing details, and can also switch out his arms with his fusion cannon.

Movie 2007: Voyager Megatron

This figure has some good details, especially the frozen ice parts of him from the movie. He can transform into a cybertronian jet.

Movie 2007: Leader Megatron

This figure has many sound effects, and can turn his right hand into a flail and combine both of his hands into a fusion cannon and he can transform into a cybertronian jet.

Animated 2008: Voyager Megatron

He transforms into a cybertronian jet, and can fire a missile out of his fusion cannon.

Animated 2008: Leader Megatron

He can transform into a helicopter, and in robot mode he can turn his rotor blades into swords, he has sound effects and can say "Where is the All Spark?!" "Crush the Autobots!" "Hahahahaha!" and he can also fire a missile out of his fusion cannon.

Animated 2009: Leader Shadow Blade Megatron

A repaint of the original Leader Megatron.

Revenge of the Fallen 2009: Replica Megatron

Since he's a replica, he cant transform, but has amazing details and is very movie accurate.

Revenge of the Fallen 2009: Voyager Megatron

He can transform into a cybertronian tank, and can shoot out projectiles and turn his right hand into a sword.

Revenge of the Fallen 2009: Leader Megatron

He can transform into a cybertronian tank, turn his right hand into a sword and blast a projectile out of it aswell, and he has sound effects and can say "I am Megatron!!" but in Europe he only says "Megatron!!".

Revenge of the Fallen 2010: Leader Shadow Command Megatron

A repaint of the original Leader Megatron, the only difference is that this one says "There is no command, but mine!".

Generations 2010: Deluxe War for Cybertron Megatron

He can transform into a cybertronian tank and blast out a projectile out of his fusion cannon.

Dark of the Moon 2011: Voyager Megatron

He can transform into an Earth truck, transform his fusion cannon and wear a cape.

Prime 2012: Powerizer Megatron

He can transform into a cybertronian jet, pull a blade out of his fusion cannon and wear a claw on either of his arms.

Prime 2012: Powerizer Dark Energon Megatron

Repaint of the original Powerizer Megatron.

Prime 2013: Powerizer Beast Hunters Megatron

Mostly a repaint of the original Powerizer Megatron, but has a few new details.

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