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 Megaton vs Captain Marvel.

Jules Carter led his nuclear research team to the Arctic where they were working in an experimental atomic research facility specializing in the harnessing of fusion energies. Carter and his team approached the base after a red flag appeared on top of the facility warning them of potential danger. Carter and his team were caught in a hydrogen blast when the base exploded. Carter survived the blast but the accident caused his body to mutate and change. His skin became hardened and formed an armor-like shell while his body temperature spiked to extreme measures due to the radiation he was producing. Carter returned back home but his mind was warped and was seeking to take out his frustrations on his wife and brother-in-law. Carter became Megaton, the Living H-Bomb as he hit the streets of New York where he would come into conflict with Captain Marvel. Megaton got weaker during the fight and the police subdued him with liqui-latex guns. Megaton was placed in a jail cell but he broke free when he drained the energy of his cellmate. Megaton grew bigger and stronger as he started to drain more energy. Captain Marvel engaged Megaton once more when the Nuclear Man started to reach critical mass. Captain Marvel grabbed Megaton and headed towards the upper atmosphere where he summoned all his power to hurl the Living H-Bomb away where he exploded and died.


Megaton was created by Gerry Conway and Wayne Boring in 1968 and first appeared in Captain Marvel # 22.   

Powers & Abilities

Megaton was a human nuclear plant that was able to produce radiation and extreme heat from his body. Megaton's skin became hardened and armored like which granted him enhanced durability and resistance to injury. Megaton could drain energy from humans or other power sources to increase his strength and powers. Megaton was capable of emitting energy blasts from his hands and he possessed superhuman strength.

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