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Having formed an uneasy alliance with their past rival Bass, both Lan and MegaMan now find themselves in a sticky situation. In the past, they were a dynamic duo fighting to keep their hometown safe. Now, they're on the lam--the object of an intense manhunt! Even with the help of their pal BubbleMan, the former superhero team can't escape the long arm of the law. Together they've become DenTech City's public enemy No. 1!!

When DarkSoul Megaman assumes the Ultimate Power, does the real Mega and his friends have the strength and heart to win?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 1: Eternal Darkness... The Ultimate DarkSoul!!
  • Chapter 2: Resurrection! Resonance of the Souls!!
  • Chapter 3: The End!! The Proof MegaMan Is MegaMan
  • Chapter 4: Friend or Foe?! Enter the Netopia Military!
  • Chapter 5: A Dangerous Man?! It's MegaMan!!
  • Chapter 6: MegaMan at Large?!

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