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When trouble comes to DenTech City, the authorities turn to a spazzed-out fifth-grader for help. That's because they know Lan Hikari is hooked up to MegaMan, the most powerful NetNavi in the Cyber Network. Synchronized together, Lan and MegaMan have become DenTech City's mightiest heroes.

But that was before the arrival of Bass, an unrepentant delinquent with the uncanny ability to mimic the power of any opponent. That's bad news for DenTech City. How will MegaMan be able to defend his hometown against a foe as powerful as himself?

Lan and Megaman have perfected their HubStyle power. But now Bass has matched them in the same way! Does Lan and Mega have the power overcome Bass?

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 1: Battle Fury!!
  • Chapter 2: The Scar that Won't Fade
  • Chapter 3: Gamble it on this One!!
  • Chapter 4: The Shock of Being Called Powerless
  • Chapter 5: The Crisis Right Now

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