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After the Weird merged with Synnar, Deacon Dark began a ritual in order to summon one of the chosen Aberrant Six, Synnar's reluctant playthings that would enable Synnar to manipulate the universe. Unfortunately, Dark's retrieval spell to summon Hawkman failed because of Deacon Coriolis' clumsy nature. Instead, the spell summons Bizarro to an unknown dimension and Dark instructs Coriolis to bring the supposed Hawkman back to him. Coriolis first meeting with Bizarro did not start off well. Bizarro would constantly get into trouble and Coriolis would have to act as Bizarro's voice of reason. Bizarro's path of destruction leads him to Hardcore Station where he runs into Chief Justice Max.

Unfortunately, Max isn’t the only person that is aware of Bizarro’s abrupt visit to the station. Entreplaneteur’s Inc. has established a private security division after recovering from Deacon Dark’s temporary takeover of Hardcore Station. Entreplaneteur’s Inc needs to protect their investments and they cannot allow someone like Bizarro to destroy the station so they authorize a hit on Bizarro. The head of their private security is a one eyed alien named Graylock. Graylock has seven shark-like behemoths that act as his contract killers.

However, these Megalodons are mentally unstable so Graylock places each of them in a stasis container which causes the Megalodons to enter a consciousness shift (in other words a dream state) in order to make them more docile as well as obedient. Graylock chooses his best and brightest bounty hunter to kill Bizarro. Megalodon-7 is the smartest of his brothers because he is the only one who is aware of the self-induced dreams that Graylock orchestrates. Megalodon-7 has only known death and destruction but he is grateful for Graylock because his virtual existence in the dream has given Megalodon some extent of peace in his heart.

Megalodon-7 always dreams of a loving family to come home to but his recent dream state is interrupted by Graylock. Graylock has been injecting an alien form of steroids called Factor Zero into Megalodon-7 each time he enters a dream state. Megalodon-7 receives a pair of blue kryptonite gauntlets from Graylock because blue kryptonite is the only thing that can weaken Bizarro to point of no return. Megalodon tracks down Bizarro to Thanagar after he escaped Hardcore Station.

Bizarro and Megalodon-7 engage in an all out brawl on the outskirts of Thanagar. Just as Megalodon was about to deliver the final blow, Coriolis uses the extent of his supernatural abilities to steal Megalodon's gauntlets thus giving Bizarro the upper hand. Megalodon is beaten to an inch of his life by Bizarro then Bizarro tosses Megalodon's corpse into Thanagar's atmosphere. In the end, Megalodon enters into a dream state for the last time and even though his family was a digital lie, he bid them farewell before his body burned up during its reentry through the atmosphere.   


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