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Megalith towers over the Hulk.
Megalith was created at the Gamma Research Lab located inside Gamma Base which had been recently deserted. The spy, Jackdaw was sent on a mission by the Leader to retrieve some secrets at the Gamma Research Lab when she came upon the Megalith robot. Jackdaw deviated from her mission and could not resist a weapon designed to subdue the Hulk. She was able to control Megalith through remote means when she wore a symbio-headset and symbio-bands. She discovered the Hulk inside the Gamma Base because he was looking for Rick Jones who had recently exposed himself to gamma rays at the same location.

Jackdaw used Megalith to attack the Hulk. However the symbio-bands Jackdaw wore also transmitted everything Megalith experienced back at her. The Hulk in a monstrous rage, slammed Megalith onto the ground and tore off one of his arms. Jackdaw experienced the pain from the beating Megalith was taking from the gamma giant. The Hulk then ripped off a symbio-band located around Megalith's neck and left it laying on the ground broken and mangled. Luckily for Jackdaw, the destruction severed the link between the robot and her symbio-bands. Jackdaw removed the headset and bands and fled the Gamma Base.  


Megalith was created by Bill Mantlo, Sal Buscema and Joe Sinnott in 1982 and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk # 275.

Powers & Abilities

Megalith was a powerful robot with superhuman strength and durability. It was controlled by remote means by a symbio-headset and symbio-bands. The user of the bands and headset could control Megalith's movements. However the symbio-bands would transmit everything Megalith experienced back to the user.

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