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Following Null's defeat in Brazil at the hands of the TMNT and Mutanimals, and Maligna's defeat during her attempted invasion of Earth, the two villains see an obstacle that needs to be removed and hire the cyborg mercenary team Megadeath (AKA The Gang of Four) to stop the threat, permanently. As the Mutanimals were constructing their secret base the Megadeath crew made their first move gunning down Jagwar, Man-Ray, Mondo Gecko, Dreadmon, Leatherhead, Wingnut, and Screwloose. Murdering the seven closest friends of the TMNT in cold blood. 
The TMNT soon have a series of battles with the cyborg gang, but it was not until Slash decapitated Waster that the team realised the group's robotic nature, and no longer felt the need to hold back, and the Turtles Splinter and Ninjara made short work of Megadeath, but gathered critical information from Lynch, who was told that he would be allowed to live if he revealed Null and Maligna's location. Lynch revealed that Maligna's ship was concealed by the dark side of the moon, But due to his involvement with the massacre of the Mutanimals, the Turtles go back on their word and kill him as well.

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