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Basic Background

Meg Griffin is the first and oldest child of Peter and Lois Griffin. Meg could be described as the "black sheep" of the Griffin family. She doesn't get any attention, if any. Most times, her father Peter can't even remember her name. And things are no different at school. Meg is branded as very "unpopular" and "nerdy" among the kids who attend the school. Meg has also been shown to engage in dangerous behavior like self mutilation, and obsessing over Brian in one episode after they made out at a dance. It has also been shown that even though she does not fit in, she will go to extreme lengths to make friends with the popular kids and enjoys any attention she can get from them. In an episode of the show that is based in the future, Meg supposedly becomes a transsexual named "Ron".  


 While she has been shown to be ugly she has had a number of boyfriends such as AV club member Neil Goldman but she does not return his advances, she also had a short lived relationship with a prisoner named Luke but ended the relationship when he escaped and sent her to jail. She also had a romantic interest in her neighbor Kevin Swanson but it is unknown if he returns the feelings. One of the only people to return Meg's affections was Doug but he broke up with her once he saw her naked. Boys have also been shown to take great risks to avoid going out with her, the most famous is where one kid kills his brother when she asked him if he would go with her to a dance. She also pretended to be a lesbian in one episode just so she could be friends with a girl.

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