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Leonard Meeker is an engineer, responsible for pressure acclimatization devices used in, among others, submarines and underwater bases. He's also probably the biggest marine criminal of his time. He lives in a home built in international waters and uses his expertise to capture and sell endangered sea-life to the highest bidder.

Major Story Arcs

Meeker is approached by the Department of Homeland Security to take part in an expedition after a creature was discovered by oil drillers in Alaska. Along with the rest of the team, Meeker travels to Alaska to see the creature. Before they could really study the creature, it breaks free. Hoping to stop and recapture the creature, Meeker stays behind, while the rest of the team gets to safety. The creature swiftly wounds Meeker, but is too late to get to the other members of the research team. Somehow, Meeker survives and sees that more creatures have overran the base. He blows up part of the base to kill as many creatures as possible before joining the surviving members of the research team.

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