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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 168. The First and Only Bias Action (たった一度の不公平だ, Tatta Ichido no Fukouhei da)
  • Chapter 169. Hakoniwa General Hospital Ruins (箱庭病院跡地, Hakoniwa Byouin Atochi)
  • Chapter 170. Tsurubami Fukurou (鶴喰梟, Tsurubami Fukurou)
  • Chapter 171. I Lied Too Much (あたしは嘘をつき過ぎた, Atashiha uso Wotsuki Sugi ta)
  • Chapter 172. Sleep My Baby, Sleep ♪ (ろりろりよ♪, Rori Rori yo ♪)
  • Chapter 173. What is a "Song"? (歌とはなんだ?, Uta to Hananda?)
  • Chapter 174. I Hate Lies (嘘が嫌いなんだ, Uso ga Kirai Nanda)
  • Chapter 175. Real Eater (正喰者, Rearu Ītā)
  • Chapter 176. You're Forgiven (許す, Yurusu)







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