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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 107. I Don't Know Any Other Way To Live (生き方を知らんのだ, Ikikata o Shiran no da)
  • Chapter 108. There's Nothing More Magnificent Then That (これ以上なく最高に, Kore Ijō naku Saikō ni)
  • Chapter 109. I Think You Should Be Thankful To Those People Too (こういう人間でありたい, Kōiu Ningen de Aritai)
  • Chapter 110. You Can't See It But (見えないかもしれませんけれど, Mienai Kamo Shiremasen Keredo)
  • Chapter 111. Playing Around Is The Right Idea (ふざけられたらいいんだけどね, Fuzakeraretara Iindakedo ne)
  • Chapter 112. To Say That You're Special (特別な存在だなんて, Tokubetsu na Sonzai da Nante)
  • Chapter 113. Meda Trial (めだ関門, Meda Kanmon)
  • Chapter 114. We Might Beat Kurokami Medaka (黒神めだかに勝てるかも, Kurokami Medaka ni Kateru Kamo)
  • Chapter 115. This Is Where You Say (これがきみ達の言うところの, Kore ga Kimitachi no Iu Tokoro no)







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