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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 098. The Level of Difficulty is B (第一関門は難易度B, Daiichi Kanmon wa Nan'ido Bī)
  • Chapter 099. Please Tell Me Just One More Thing (もうひとつだけ聞かせてください, Mō Hitotsu Dake Kikasete Kudasai)
  • Chapter 100. Create a Themed Quiz, Please (クイズを出して頂戴, Kuizu o Dashite Chōdai)
  • Chapter 101. Good Luck Then (それではグッドラック, Sore de wa Guddo Rakku)
  • Chapter 102. Do Not Desire Anything (何も欲しくない, Nanimo Hoshikunai)
  • Chapter 103. If I Am Able To Do That There Will Be No Problems (それができれば文句なく,

Sore ga Dekireba Monku naku

  • )
  • Chapter 104. A Skill Holder and an Unskilled (能力所有者が無力に, Sukiru Horudā ga Nō Sukiru ni)
  • Chapter 105. I Just Like It (僕はただ好きなだけさ, Boku wa Tada Suki na Dake sa)
  • Chapter 106. I Don't Have a Heart (私には心がありません, Watashi ni wa Kokoro ga Arimasen)







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