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Danny Rand as Iron Fist discovers a HYDRA front corporation called Wai-Go Industries that was attempting to make moves against his Rand Corp. Iron Fist infiltrated the Wai-Go building and was ambushed by HYDRA soldiers. HYDRA unleashed a giant mechanized insect called the Mechagorgon on Iron Fist during the fight. The Mechagorgon had bladed limbs and wounds Iron Fist. The Mechagorgon approaches Iron Fist on the building rooftop but Rand escapes when he falls off the roof.   

 Mechagorgon approaches the Steel Serpent.
Davos the Steel Serpent would form an alliance with HYDRA in their effort to kill Orson Randall. Davos would have a sparring session with some HYDRA soldiers and decimate them with his amazing abilities. The Mechagorgon appears to confront the Steel Serpent during his session. Steel Serpent would call upon the Crane Daughters to sacrifice themselves to enhance his powers. The Mechagorgon is destroyed in a flash of light before it had the chance to touch the Steel Serpent. 


Mechagorgon was created by Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and David Aja in 2006 and first appeared in The Immortal Iron Fist # 1. 

Powers & Abilities

The Mechagorgon is a giant, mechanized insect with enhanced strength and durability. The Mechagorgon also has large blades as parts of its limbs to slice and sever enemies.

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