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The original Mechagodzilla fighting Godzilla.

Mechagodzilla is a powerful machine that in all of it's incarnations was built with a purpose in mind to kill Godzilla.

In Mechagodzilla's first appearence in Godzilla vs Mechagodzila in 1974 the Aliens from the third planet of the black hole created a robot made from Space Titanium to kill Godzilla it was Equiped with an endless supply of finger missiles, a cutter beam that could slice a mountain in two, and a Eye beam that could peirce even Godzilla's skin. Mechagodzilla was disguised as Godzilla and wreaked Havok on japan that is until the real Godzilla appeared and exposed the imposter with his heat ray showing the Mettallic Feinds true form in their first fight Mechagodzilla nearly Killed his organic counter part however Godzilla regenrated quickly and he had the assistance of King Ceaser a poodle like monster then Godzilla became a living magnet and unscrewed Mechagodzilla's head off.

In the next movie in Godzilla terror of mechagodzilla , Godzilla had to fight Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus which was a 60 meter tall aquatic dinosaur (not to be confused with the actual dinosaur) and this time Mechagodzilla had a new weapon The revolver missile which could send a city block flying however godzilla blew mechagodzilla apart after a brutal fight. In Godzilla vs mechagodzilla 2 (which has nothing to do with any appearance of mechagodzilla before or after) Godzilla fought Supermecha godzilla and was killed by having his spinal cord blown up however Rodan died on Godzilla and tranfered his Radiation to Godzilla who was revived and destroyed mechagodzilla with his spiral beam.


The latest Mechagodzilla.

In Godzilla against Mechagodzilla , Mechagodzilla, called Kiryu in this version, had the skeleton of the Original Godzilla to support his frame, and was opperated by DNA computers which would later cause problems.  When Godzilla roared it caused Kiryu to go beserk and he destroyed part of a sea side Japanese city. After the attack, the glitches were fixed, for the most part, complications would arise later in Tokyo: S.O.S, and after a long brutal fight with Godzilla , Kiryu used the absolute Zero cannon to try and freeze Godzilla. This did not freeze Godzilla but did severly wound him to the point that he had a scar in his next appearence. Finaly in Tokyo S.O.S Godzilla and Mechagodzilla fought to a standstill untill Godzilla's roar made Mechagodzilla not go beserk but instead, remember what he wanted: to sleep peacefully at the bottom of the ocean. He then flew Godzilla into the sea of Japan, where both monster presumably sleep peacefully.

Mechagodzilla and Titanasaurus.

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