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In the Captain America and the Avengers game, after the Avengers defeat Grim Reaper, the Avengers enter Scene 3 "Challenge from the Bottom of the Sea." The Avengers fight random baddies, and then the Wizard. After the Wizard's defeat, Namor pops up to tell the team that the Red Skull's cronies are in the sea.

After a hard fought, underwater battle, the evil Mech. Taco, which is a mechanical suit that mildly resembles an octopus driven by a man, pops up to proclaim he will make seaweed of everyone.

Mech. Taco can shoot lasers out of his mouth and whip the Avengers with his tentacles. After a short battle, Mech. Taco is defeated, and he explodes. The Avengers sneak through a pipe in the sea floor after their victory.

Prior to this game, it has never appeared in a comic book.

Mech. Taco was created for the game by Japanese video game company Data East. Tako (mispelled as Taco) is the Japanese word for Octopus.

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