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Mayo Deftinwolf is Wilhelm Ryan's Top General. He carried out the plans for the deaths of Coheed, Cambria, and the Kilgannon children. In addition, he ultimately kills Inferno at Apity Prime in combat. Deftinwolf was creatred by Gyatronic Technologies Inc. and given to Ryan during The Second Era (before the Mage War). Deftinwolf was the first Z Class cybernetic organism in existence. His cyborg design was a combination of the defensive traits of the G10 and Y series, combined to create an organism suitable for his military rank and combat. After many tough years of training and programming, Deftinwolf was positioned as General of the United Red Army (URA). His face was injured while fighting Coheed and Inferno in Year of the Black Rainbow, and that is why it appears the way it does today. He is also personally responsible for the deaths of Dr. Leonard Hohenberger.

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