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When Dante was a boy, he witnessed his mother being physically abused and also being threatened with a pair of scissor by a man named Darren, Dante tried to stop him but Dante ended up getting cut on his face causing his permanent scar. Angry after being cut by the pair of scissors and witnessing his mother being attacked, Dante finds a gun on the floor and shoots Darren killing him.

Mayhem has a sister named Malice, Malice works with Mayhem to bring down Big X. Mayhem's mother was killed by a hit-man hired by Big X, after Mayhem's mother found out that he manipulated Mayhem to kill Darren. Big X is Mayhem's stepfather and Malice's father.

Weapons and Equipment

Mayhem is equipped with two Semi-Automatic pistols, throwing knives and a machete. Mayhem also carries C4 and other explosives with him.

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