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Marvel comics continuity

Battletrap and Venom didn't last long...

Led by Carnivac, the original Mayhem Attack Squad's very first mission ended up being their last. Alarmed with a rift in space and time over Earth threatening to destroy all of reality, the Decepticons teamed up Mayhem Attack Squad with the Autobot Wreckers. Although secretly the Mayhem Attack Squad were under orders to kill the Wreckers once the mission was completed. Their joint mission was to simply destroy the time-displaced Galvatron, but the mission was anything but simple. Galvatron made short work of the Mayhem Attack Squad killing Flywheels, Battletrap, Chop Shop and Venom, with only Catilla and their leader, Carnivac, surviving.

When the Time Wars ended, Megatron stole their ship to return to Cybertron and they were both abandoned on Earth by their superiors for such a disasterous campaign. Shortly after this they were given a second chance by Scorponok and teamed up with Snarler for a mission. After the mission was successful Catilla and Carnivac refused to rejoin the Decepticons. Snarler was far from impressed and branded them both has traitors. Returning to Cybertron he set about reforming a new Mayhem Attack Squad with the purpose of destroying the former members. Led by Snarler, the new Mayhem Attack Squad tracked down Carnivac and Catilla to Mexico where all six members surrounded Carnivac. Catilla came to his friends rescue but was skewered in the chest by Bludgeons sword and died. Carnivac swore revenge on the Mayhem Attack Squad.

Members of the 2nd Mayhem Attack Squad were Snarler, Bludgeon, Octopunch, Needlenose, Stranglehold and Spinister.

Stalking the Mayhem Attack Squad

After several missions on Cybertron, the Mayhem Attack Squad returned to Earth to continue their hunt for Carnivac. Knowing that Carnivac would seek them out they built an easily defendable base on a tropical island. Carnivac soon arrived and quickly takes Needlenose out of action and then proceeds to murder Snarler and Spinister. With the help of the newly arrived Surviors and Earthforce, the remaining Mayhem Attack Squad Pretenders were refused a warriors death and captured.

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