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Rick Jones, the A-Bomb, always finds trouble, and his last venture is no exception. While "vacationing" incognito in South America, he unleashes the wrath of a few Mayan Gods, of whom are hungry for life force to give them power enough to take back what they feel is rightfully theirs. The world.

So, when in a jam and you need a heavy hand to pull you out of a pickle, who do you go after? Why a grumpy ex-general and his machinated buddies of course!

With the Red Hulk and Alpha Flight backing him up, the team makes it to Canada where they see for themselves a strange sight; a Mayan temple waaaaay too far north to be a coincidence. But it turns out the ghosts inside aren't sticking to their own buildings. Possessing Sasquatch, Snowbird and the big ape are dragged into the temple, with Red hulk barely pulling back the blue behemoth as the doors shut. Taunting, the Mayans inside drop at their feet the dessicated and mummified bodies of the She-Hulks Lyra and Jen, whom where drained to give the evil Gods more power.

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