15 years later

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It's been fifteen years since The Maxx number one hit the shelves!?! I just re-read the series again, and I was glad I did. It seems like one of the only things to come out from that era with an Image "i" on the cover that's stood the test of time. One gem in an otherwise huge pile of chromium crap.
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What about it stood the test of time?

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am i the only one who loved image comics?

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A lot of the image stuff of the time has a "dated" feel when looking at it a decade-and-a-half later (the art style, the storytelling, or lack thereof, the costume design, ect). It's just kind of "of it's era". Maxx feels like it could've come out yesterday and not seem out of place. Kieth bucked the trend, put the story first,and did something really different for the image label. The book could be a little full of it's self at times with some of the outback symbolism, but I enjoyed it then and still do today.

Also, don't get me wrong: I bought a lot of the stuff of the time. I actually liked WildCATs and Spawn, and didn't hate a few other titles. But so much was done simply to "cash in" that the bad outweighs the good in the memories of a lot of the people who survived that era.

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man i loved the 90's comics that was the best time for comics

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danhimself says:

"man i loved the 90's comics that was the best time for comics"

There was a lot of good. But in the early 90s, there was a whole lot of bad that went with it! I point to The Maxx as something I considered good, I won't go the route of being negative and pointing out the stuff I called bad.

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