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High flying
Maximum Ride is a human-avian hybrid, 98% human and 2% bird. She is currently on the run with her flock, which consists of Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman and Angel.


Max was raised in a dog crate with the rest of her "flock" at the horrid School. Tormented each day by the sinister Whitecoats, Max became tough, strong and a leader to her family. Never knowing her true blood family the closest thing Max had to a father was a Whitecoat named Jeb Batchelder. Jeb helped Max and her flock escape from the School and set up a home in a remote location in the Colorado mountains. Soon after Jeb dissapeared, assumed dead. Max took over the role of "mother" raising the younger members of the flock, Nudge, Gazzy and Angel. The flocks first adventure takes place when Angel is kidnapped by Erasers, human-lupine hybrids.

The Rescue
Max soon after sets out to rescue Angel from the School, where she's been taken. There is, however, a few complications. One: she has no idea where the School is located. Two: Erasers are trying to stop the rescue mission every chance they get. While on their way to the School Max saves a young girl named Ella Martinez from a gang and ends up getting shot in the wing in the process. While unable to fly Max must trust Ella and Ella mother, Dr. Martinez (a veterinarian) with her secret. Soon after Max has recovered from her injury (thanks to Dr. Martinez) she sets out and and rejoins her flock, ready to find Angel.

Jeb? But you're dead!!!
Soon after arriving at the School Max and the rest of the flock manage to rescue Angel, but at Max's expense. Max is captured and soon finds out that Jeb...really is very alive! He tells her that she is meant to save the world, but from what he doesn't say. Max refuses to believe him, hurt that she trusted him and was ultimately betrayed.

Run faster
Escape and fly!
Lucky for Max, her flock is very resourceful and she is soon rescued herself from the School. Once free the flock heads for NYC, Erasers hot on their tails. By this time Max has begun to have horrible headaches and is hearing a voice that leaves her cryptic messages. Following her Voice Max leads the flock to the Institute for Higher Living, which has connections to the School. It's here that Max and the flock, thanks to Nudge's technological abilities, find information on their real parents...except for Max.

Going deeper
As the flock ventures deeper into the Insitute of Higher Living they discover more mutants like themselves, only these ones didn't turn out as well. It's also here that an addition is made to the flock. Total, a small black dog, with the ability to jump extremely high and speak (and get on Max's nerves in a big way). From here the flock takes a different direction, now they are headed off to Washington DC to discover more about their parents.

Max has the ability to fly with her speed being able to reach 280 MPH.
She has a Voice inside her head that guides her along her "missions".
Along with the rest of the Flock Max heals much more quickly than an average human and is also much stronger.

Though Max's fears are far and few in between she does have them.
Losing any one member of her flock.
Enclosed, small spaces.

Max is fourteen years old, the oldest of the avian-human hybrids and the leader of the Flock.
She is 5 feet, 8 inches tall.
Max has a wingspan of 13 feet.
Her wings are an off white colour with tan specks and streaks.

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