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Maximilian von Katzenelnbogen was born into the family Frankenstein in the Bavarian Alps, and is now the last of him family. As a child, he created a boy to play with out of the body parts of various corpses. When the villagers came to kill him, he set them on his friend, something that haunts him to this day.


Maximilian was created by Jason Aaron as a member of the latest incarnation of the Hellfire Club.

Brief History

He is the youngest student ever admitted to the University of Munich, but the academics deemed his scientific methods too drastic and expelled him soon after. He is part of a long family history of atrocities being the heir to the Frankenstein family. He is now part of the latest incarnation of Hellfire Club, having been recruited by Kade Kilgore.

Alongside the Hellfire Club, they attacked the Museum of Mutant History which brought them into conflict with the X-Men. He managed to stop Namor with a gun that fires intense blasts of heat.

He was responsible of taking one of the original Krakoa´s grandchildren and manipulating it into becoming a creature of hate and rage. He used this new version of Krakoa to attack Jean Grey School.

Maximilian leaves the Hellfire Club

When Kade Kilgore enlisted the help of Frankenstein to attack the Jean Grey School, Frankenstein attacked Max, having swore revenge on all members of the Frankenstein Family. He is saved by Idie Okonkwo, and in return decides to turn his back on the Hellfire Club and reclaim his name as a Frankenstein.

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