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Josh McGrath  

Josh McGrath is a 19-year-old extreme sports super star. He knows how to ride anything with wheels, from Motorcycles and Dirtbikes to Skateboards and Skates. When he was at the age of 8 his parents were killed in a boat accident, Josh was adopted by his father's best friend/business partner Jefferson Smith. Jeff Smith is the owner of a extreme sports equipment company, however it is actually a secret agent group called N-Tek. N-Tek stops the bad guys before anyone knows, they take out whoever they need to. 

Birth Of Max Steel

While Josh was visiting his adopted fathers company, they were attacked by the evil secret agent named Psycho. Josh faced Psycho in battle, but was badly hurt by the villain. He was then exposed to tiny nanomachines called "Nano Tech Max." These nanites got into Josh's body, however began to die because it did not have enough energy. So Josh began to die also. As a last resort Jeff Smith gave Josh a high dose of T-juice. This not only saves Josh's life, but it also gives him super powers. As a result, Josh takes on the identity of Max Steel. A super-hero agent that fights not only man, but monsters.

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