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Plot Summary

Nick Fury is a washed out secret agent in a world of bureaucracy. He is a man of war in a peaceful world. But when a former enemy - who is now something like a close personal acquaintance of Nick's - instigates a war on a small island, Nick leaps back into action and goes back to war. With a small team of special forces from all around the world, Nick Fury invades the island and takes it back. However, the two men of war who have become spearheads of their respective factions discover that the are just that: Men of war. Ultimately, Fury is led to the shocking discovery that his old adversary was right when he said that if he hadn't started the war, Fury would have done it.


Colonel Nick Fury is an aging cold war veteran that has lost his place in the world. With the cold war over Nick Fury doesn't see the action he used to see and has to go to other agencies to see any action since SHIELD offers him none. Budgetary restraints, his rank, and insiders wanting to dismantle SHIELD have made the organization all but useless. Nick Fury misses the gold old days of saving the world, constantly sleeping with new hot women without paying them, and the ever present danger of the world going to hell. Moping Nick Fury meets an old cold war nemesis at a bar and they talk about the good old days and gripe about how the world turned out, when out of the blue Colonel Gagarin tells Fury that he wants to start a new cold war so they would have something to do which Fury declines.

When Fury visits his old friend Dugan he finds out that Gagarin decided to go ahead and try and start a new cold war by overthrowing the government of Napoleon Island which lies in between the mainland United States and Hawaii. Gagarin even goes as far as to have assassins try to kill Fury so they can redo their cold war game. After surviving the attack Nick heads to SHIELD to build his team to take down Gagarin while Gagarin is taking greater control of the island turning its’ current leader into an unwilling puppet without his knowing. When Nick Fury and his team arrive and start taking out the islands military Gagarin is overwhelmed with joy that he hasn't known in years.

Gagarin gains complete control of the island and has the U.S. believing that the nation is now a communist country and the U.S. is getting ready to bomb the island. Fury trying to stop that from happening captures the island's puppet leader and tries to get a video broadcast showing him exposing Gagarin as a rogue agent hoping that the U.S. will call off the bomb strikes. Gagarin ends up killing the island's former leader which causes the U.S. to bomb the island. Gagarin is howling with pure joy at the slaughter the bombers are bringing to the island loving every second of it taking him back to the good old days. Nick Fury is outraged and attacks and ultimately kills Gagarin. Later on back in the U.S. Nick Fury ponders what Gagarin did and why he didn't stop him when he talked about starting a new cold war and wonders if he didn't because he wanted Gagarin to start a new cold war so he would have something to do.

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