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Born Maxwell Edward Mummford, Max E. Mumm was old friends with Linus Lieberman, and like him was incredibly gifted in using and taking advantage of computers. While in college, Mummford legally had his name changed to Max E. Mumm on a dare.


Max E. Mumm was created for The System Bytes story arc that appeared in several of the 1992 summer annuals released by Marvel.

Major Story Arcs

The System Bytes Part I: Byte Bt Byte

Mr. Mazzilli of Ampersand Communications hires Max. E. Mumm to create a computer virus, allegedly on behalf of the US government to be used as a potential weapon against hostile governments. Max created the Ultra-Max virus for Mazzilli, egotistically signing his name to his work.

Mazzilli, uses a "backdoor" to introduce the Ultra-Max virus to his rivals at Raycom's computer system.

Powers and Abilities

Max E. Mumm possesses no special powers, but is an incredibly intelligent individual. He is a highly skilled computer hacker and was capable of developing sophisticated computer viruses.

Alternate Universes

Earth-691 - Guardians of the Galaxy

The Max E. Mumm that appeared in this universe (via a flashback) appeared to be Caucasian.

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