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Maverick and his companion Elena Ivanova are held captive by Ivan the Terrible, and are hooked to a mind-reading machine.  Maverick is forced to relive his defeat at the hands of the Confessor, while Ivan and his head scientist, Dr. Etta Langstrom discuss the remission of Maverick's Legacy Virus infection and the resurgence of his mutant powers, as well as the recording of Elena's subconscious experiences. 
Meanwhile, inventor Isabel Ferguson hides in a safe room with her daughter after her home was invaded and ransacked by Ivan's thugs.  She emerges to dispatch the sole lookout left behind, when her horrified ex-husband returns.  He demands she quit this life, and she agrees to do so once she ascertains Maverick's safety. 
Elsewhere, Maverick relives his courtship and sham marriage to Ginetta Barsalini, who was hired to spy on him.  The couple had scuffled, and his gun went off, killing her and their unborn child.  Next, he relives his time with Team X, including his rescue of Logan and Victor Creed, an act during which he was forced to kill his own brother. 
Finally, Maverick awakens in Ivan's mansion.  Now knowing his past, Ivan tells him the man behind Ginetta's betrayal was Maverick's ally, Major Arthur Barrington.  Maverick offers to kill Barrington for Ivan.

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