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Elena Ivanova and Maverick have ended their search for Sabretooth, as Maverick is in the final stages of the Legacy Virus. He is dying, and hallucinates about his dead wife Ginetta. Elena refuses to let him go, and reaches into his mind with her psi-powers and brings him back to life along with his mutant powers.

Suddenly, Maverick and Elena Ivanova are attacked by Hammer and Sickle who have orders to bring the pair to Ivan Pushkin for questioning. Maverick gains the upper hand in the fight and the pair escape. 

Maverick Elena visit Isabel Ferguson, who supplies him with gadgets and devices. She asks them to return the next day, as she needs time to work on the weapons he needs. Maverick and Elena spend the night in an abandoned church, where they discovered that the Legacy Virus really has gone into remission; even his scarred tissue is normal again. Then, Maverick receives a call from Chris Bradley, a teenager who also suffers from the Legacy Virus and who sees Maverick as some kind of role model. Maverick does not tell him that he has gone into remission, while Chris‘s condition has taken a turn for the worse. The next day, Maverick and Elena head to Isabel’s house, but they are ambushed and captured by Pushkin, Hammer and Sickle.







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