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Maury Parkman is Matt Parkman's father, having abandoned Matt since he was thirteen. He is one of the original twelve founders of the Company.

Like his son, Mr. Parkman is a telepath; however, his powers are much more advanced than Matt's. Instead of just reading surface thoughts, he can read people's memories and manipulate their perceptions of reality, allowing him to trap people in nightmare states based on their deepest fears and insecurities.

He used his abilities to knock Molly Walker unconscious and manipulating her dreams by so doing, left her physical body in a comatose state that lasted until Matt learned how to counter Maury's influence using his developed powers, He was also able to detect Molly's attempts to locate him using her power, and he can affect a person's mind from a great distance through his telepathy. Seeing him in her bad dreams has led Molly Walker to dub him "the Nightmare Man" as he is more worse than Sylar. He also induced "waking nightmares" , as he fooled both Matt and Nathan Petrelli into fighting each other while both were experiencing a different nightmare scenario while thier bodies are moving.

Maury was one of several people coined into believing that those with abilities are superior to humans by Adam Monroe and when Adam escaped from the Company's custody, he used Maury as pawn to kill those founding members who disagreed with him. He is implied to have been responsible for the self-inflicted wounds of Angela Petrelli while she is in police custody and the death of Kaito as well Charles bieng in a coma. When he tried to kill Bob as his next target, he was stopped by Matt, who managed to trap Maury in his own nightmare teaching him a lesson for harming others. Maury is killed by Arthur petrelli for not agreeing to kill his son Matt Parkman.

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