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The widowed father of Holly, Maurice was a rich man in Las Vegas. He showed a certain disdain and distrust for the Belgians, including Dan Ferrell. Though he had a reason, Dan and his friends were part of a secret conspiracy in Las Vegas. Every so often, a lucky winner was chosen to be sacrificed to Lady Luck. Any casino owner that didn't follow with her demands, met an unlucky fate. Its speculated that Lady Luck and her group approached Maurice and he most likely refused to follow the savage ritual. But he kept his daughter out of this, not wanting her to know the insane ritual that was happening. How he kept his distance or survival for that long is not really known, but he couldn't fight for long. Especially with Holly getting married again to John Trick aka Jack Horner, apparently this was a valid marriage.

After meeting with their family lawyer Dennis, it was time for Maurice to meet his new son-in-law. While he didn't quite approve of Jack, he had a strong feeling he could protect Holly. However, he spoke too soon, as the bomb his car went off, killing him and Holly. Jack only survived due to his popularity as a Fable. Jack was hurt losing both of them.

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