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Maurglon many years starts out seeing Thor but as a kid he had no idea of whom he was but attacked the young hero anyway. Although Thor fought back to Maurglon surprise Thor ultimately defeated the foe leaving him unconscious. Later on Loki Thor’s half brother had found the foe unconscious and put a spell on him as he led Maurglon back to his cave and imprisoned the troll their for use later on in the future. Years later Thor was being tried for attacking Tyr. Loki saw this was the perfect chance to let Maurglon free from the cavern was as a distraction to force Thor to leave the trial and have to fight him. Maurglon wasn’t at all happy to see Loki and hear his plans but he really wanted his revenge on Thor after being trapped their all those years Loki then teleported Maurglon to New York city where he started his rampage in hopes Thor would come to stop him. Thor was proven innocent and went to New York to Stop the foe with his foe with his fathers blessings. While on his rampage two lovers on a fire escape lives were in danger. This gave Maurglon and advantage over Thor just slightly because Thor was focused on saving the two and Maurglon eventually got his chance and pummeled on Thor. Thor eventually over came this pummeling by his determination for the bystanders and took Maurglon out. Loki then simply teleported Maurglon away.



Maurglon possessed class 40 strength and was invulnerable able to go toe to toe with young Thor but not as long with and older Thor. Being a troll he preferred a dark environment. He also had a tail if he ever wanted could be used as a whip.

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