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Some of those pictures quite blatantly are NOT the Mauler twins

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Need some help?

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@-Eclipse-: Please elaborate.  Not everyone knows these characters, so they are not blatant to people who don't read the series.  Post the images that need to be removed.
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@-Eclipse-: Fixed
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@xerox-kitty: @Icarusflies: Thanks Icarus! :D
Sorry kitty... Honestly I was GOING to post the images, but since this is such an obscure page I wasn't expecting anyone to take notice of it, so I didn't bother at first. The problem was that there were several pictures of Invincible in the gallery, with the Mauler twins nowhere to be seen. But Icarus has fixed it now. 
And thanks to this, I'm now the top poster in the Mauler twins forum! Heck yeah! :P

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