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Father of Marvel Boy, Horace Grayson was a Jew living in Germany at the beginning of World War II. He planned to take his son (his wife died in child-birth), Robert, in his spacecraft to orbit the moon until the war had passed. However, he as rejected a loan for his poject. He instead used radio waves to find a colony in outer space. He found the race of Eternals, living on Uranus. They were an off-shoot of humanity who had left earth thousands of years ago. Living in a Kree omni-dome to protect them from Uranus' harsh conditions, they gave Horace the knowledge needed to build a space craftcapable of takinghim that far.

When his son was grown up,he left for earth with the blessing of his father to fight crime under the name 'Marvel Boy'. Three years later, Marvel Boy recieved a message from Uranus seeking urgent help. Once again refused a loan, it took him sometime to gather up the funding fo the journey. When he reached Uranus, Horace was dead, along with the other Eternals. it turned out that they had been living with a group of rouge eternals, banished from Earth thousands of years ago. They had been using Horace as a means of finding out what had transpired on Earth whilst they were gone.

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