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Matt's namesake Matt
Matt Decker married Jane and had a son Willard Decker.  He also has a grandson Dennis Decker and two great grandson's Robert Decker and Matthew Dennis Decker.  Matt himself is a third generation Decker to serve in Starfleet.
Matt Decker was the Commander on the U.S.S. Constellation.  When the Constellation came into contact with a doomsday machine Decker and his crew did what they could to stop it.  Concerned over his crew Decker beamed them down to a planet to battle the doomsday machine himself.  His plan went bad when he saw the doomsday machine eat the entire planet his crew was on.
It was after the death of his crew that the U.S.S. Enterprise  came on the scene.  At this time Decker had virtually lost his mind.  He ended up taking a shuttle from the Enterprise and going into the mouth of the machine.  It did not kill the beast but did kill Decker.  However James Kirk the Captain of the Enterprise realized what he was trying to do and destroyed the machine using the Constellation and then having himself beamed off the ship at the last second.


Matt Decker was created for the original Star Trek series.  He dies in the episode he first appeared.

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